Whatsapp on PC : common problems when installing

Whatsapp is a cross-platform instant messaging app that was developed specifically for android, Iphone, Window phone, Symbian phones and many other smartphones available in the market. Although the developers of the instant messenger did not have the desktop in their mind, there is Whatsapp for PC that can run on both windows and Mac operating systems.

In order to run Whatspp on pc (windows and Mac versions), you need to first prepare your PC by creating an environment in which the messenger and many other android apps can play. To achieve this, you need one of the many android emulators available online.

WhatsApp on PC

The two most downloaded and installed of these android emulators are Bluestacks and Youwave. The former is available for free downloading and installation, while the later comes at a one off cost.

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The process of installing Whatsapp on pc through bluestacks, Youwave or any other emulator may sound easy and smooth, but like in any other process, complications lurk. Several difficulties have been experienced by many who seek to bring the Whatsapp on pc.

Some of these difficulties can be linked to the android app player needed to run the Whatsapp on pc, Whatsapp itself or the hardware requirements for installing and running the emulator and the android app. The following are some of these difficulties that one will encounter while installing Whatsapp on PC.

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Here are the common problems when installing Whatsapp on PC


Failure to successfully complete android emulator installation, with the error of lack of proper hardware and software

Some challenges of having Whatsapp on PC come from the initial process of installing the android app player or emulator on the PC due to hardware and software constrains.

For instance, Bluestacks is the most downloaded and used android emulator because of the fact that it is free, easy to use and gives its users access to a large appstore. In order to install the Bluestacks android app player on your PC, you must have a RAM memory of more than 2GB. Without this, you will receive an error message to the effect that you must create more memory in order to successfully complete installation.

The RAM memory required for bluestacks emulator installation should not be mistaken with the hard disk available space. Releasing more of the harddisk space will not change anything in the process.

Problems that are as a result of Graphic card and bluestacks incompatibility


Your bluestacks android app player and the apps that run on it need an effective graphic card for various processes. This means that if your PC does not have a well functioning graphic card, then the installation process of the emulator will not be successfully complete.

It is a basic requirement that before you embark on the process of installing the bluestacks, make sure you have a properly functioning graphic card.

Another reason why bluestacks might not detect your graphic card even when it is there it is in case the graphic card drivers are missing. Before installing the emulator ensure the graphic card drivers are installed and updated.

It is also possible that the bluestacks may not install if you already have another program installed using the docks. To solve this problem, you will have to uninstall the software that is using the docks.

Inability to download Whatsapp on PC from the bluestacks

The bluestacks android app player gives you access to an app store from which you can download the Whatsapp messenger and many other android apps.

Sometimes downloading Whatsapp through the bluestacks is not responsive. When this happens, then you have the option of going directly to Whatsapp official website and downloading the setup file from there.

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Creating the contact list and transferring contacts from your phone to the app on the PC

There are several ways to import contact from your smartphone to the Whatsapp on PC. Creating single contact at a time is one option.  But this way of creating a contact list is time and energy consuming. That is why you may want to have a way of transferring the contacts from your phone in bulk.

Many Whatsapp users have found the transferring contacts from the phone to Whatsapp on PC a challenge. To transfer the contacts you will need to connect the phone to the PC through a USB cable, go to Whatsapp on your PC and use the import contacts function on the platform.

Apart from the above method, you can also import the contacts through a SD card. This is appropriate where it is not easy or compatible to connect the phone directly to the PC. The contacts are transferred in a vcf format.

The above are some of the challenges that you will encounter while trying to have Whatsapp on PC but fortunately most of them can be overcome with a little information