Download and Play Candy Crush Saga on your PC

Fans of puzzle games,Candy crush saga for PC is available now and today we are going to show you how you can get it. Candy crush saga is an android puzzle online game which has attained the best ratings on Google play since it is widely played. The good thing is that you can now have it on your personal computer. This means if you love it and you are not using android kind of a phone there will be no hindrance for not playing it when you want. Getting scores on it is very simple, just solving the puzzles and points will go on increasing.

The reason why many people go for this game is because of its features. These include eye catching graphics, it has faultless sync with facebook version, more than 100 levels to complete and boosters which makes the challenge easier, it is easy to play, easier to lock after finishing the level of these addictive puzzle adventure. It is available on Google play and other online sources. When getting it, you will be able to get a Bazooka application guide. If you have been enjoying this game on facebook, you can play it on computer and it doesn’t need internet.

How to Download Candy Crush Saga for PC

There are two methods of downloading Candy Crush Saga for PC

Method 1 : Download Candy Crush Saga for PC

Go to your browser and type in Candy Crush Saga apk file and you can get it from any trusted website and download it.

Method 2 : Download Candy Crush Saga for PC

Visit Bluestacks official website and download it with just a click. Follow the instructions as displayed on the screen and have it on your computer.

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How to Install Candy Crush Saga on PC

You have to choose which method to use. Nevertheless, we are going to check on the two methods. In the first method, you will need to get Bluestacks and use it to open apk file. After  make a search for Candy Crush Saga and install it.

On the second method, we will use Bluestacks. Locate where it is, type in Candy Crush Saga for PC on the search bar and from which website you need to download it from. This step needs internet connection since the software with be downloading.

play candy crush saga pc

How to Run Candy Crush Saga on PC

Once you are done with the downloading, close the screen or minimize them so as to easily locate Candy Crush Saga file. Click on it twice to have it launched on your computer. This process takes a few minutes.

Candy crash game is easy to play and you can get a guide online. Another way is by requesting a friend who knows how to play teach you. But the best way is when you try it out even when you are alone.

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Note that this game doesn’t take much of your computer space. Also, it doesn’t work with all android emulator and that is why we choose Bluestacks. As you, this is just a simple method which you can share with a friend either with the word of mouth or sending them this tutorial article.