3 Ways to Make Money Using facebook

3 Ways to Make Money Using Facebook

There are thousands of people out there who are looking for ways in which they can earn an extra coin not knowing that they can make money using Facebook. This is true. We all use Facebook daily for fun and we enjoy chatting and talking to friends, sharing photos and videos and latter we wonder where we are going to get money to top up our mobile phones. This time could be used effectively and socially and money could have come out of it. Maybe you are wondering what am talking about. If you have business where you are selling products and services then you qualify to join in and read this article since it will upgrade your seeing of things.

Let’s take for example a person who is selling her hand made products and in the stores or open air market and he has friends on Facebook. This could be of great help in that she will know which step to take and sell the products online. This doesn’t need one to have a registered domain and the best thing is that Facebook is given to us free of charge. Here we are going to discuss on how making money using Facebook.

Money using Facebook

How to make money using Facebook ?

Increase your friend and page likes

How to get Facebook money ? This is where you create a page for your products or service. After that you ensure that you already have friends whom you can invite to like your page. This means they will be able to view whatever you post and you will be able to update them on any new product you get in the market. This is what will draw their attention to your stuffs and they will enquire of them and afterward they will end up buying them. Isn’t it a good way to make money using Facebook ? Apart from that you will need to be updating good social status that are keeping your fan page closer to you and responding to their queries plus contribute to their posts.

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Commit yourself to marketing on Facebook

This doesn’t mean you spend your whole day chatting and updating things now and then. No it means you make a plan yourself and hours which you will be found online and what you will be doing there. For instance you can say every morning you will be updating your fan page and answer any query which could have been asked. Or choose to be visiting your page four times a day of which you can do with your phone. Also commit yourself to telling people about what you are selling. You can inbox people and this tells you must invite many always so as to make yourself known.

make money on facebook

Go to affiliate marketing

This is one effective way and it doesn’t need much experience. You do not need to have a diploma or degree to become an affiliate marketer and you can recruit other people to help you sell what you are marketing on Facebook. Just give them the reason why they should join you and why you should do that business and you will be surprised how many will come your way. In this way you will be able to connect to great buyers. There are some websites which allows you to do affiliate marketing and it is free of charge.  You can use this to sell stuffs which are known and those which are new in the market. Another way is using Apple’s iTunes affiliate program and earn money.

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While you are using the affiliate marketing you can always consider going to the company’s website and signing up. After that you can create Facebook accounts for the products you are selling and let them be connected to your accounts when you create these accounts make sure you add people and your keep on updating all of them. Once people know you and they are getting reference form the company’s website they will trust you and if they get interested in your product then you will be luck to make money using Facebook in a quicker and simpler way.

There are many ways in which you can make money using Facebook and if you follow the ones we have given you then you are assured of great results. They have work before and they will work for you.

Now you know how you can make money using Facebook.

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