How Achieve High CPC Rates Ad sense: 10 Tips

How Achieve High CPC Rates Ad sense: 10 Tips

Of course you want to get high CPC on your blog especially if blogging is one of your main sources of income. There are thousands of bloggers and website owners who are looking forward to earning more but due to some mistake or lack of enough knowledge this is not happening. The best way to deal with this is follow me on this article as we show you on how to bit this discouraging low pay on your site.CPC stands for pay per cost and this happens if you have already registered with Google Ad sense on posting ads on your site. The best thing about this is that you can be able to select the ads your want by choosing the right keywords though you cannot determine how much you want to be paid unless you target it. Paying depends on the number of clicks that are made on your website.

This means you must ensure you are getting enough traffic from all over the world and most especially from UK and US. What you have to do is get some SEO tips and apply them for this purpose.High CPC Rates If you are a blogger there are a lot things which matters on traffic and must be done and it also applies to other sites be it small or big. The most paid sites are usually micro blogs and that is why you find many people who are there make more money than others. If you are one of the people who are doing SEO but you are getting less pay after a hard work then you must read and use these tips as listed below.

How Achieve High CPC Rates Ad sense

1. Your domain matters

Most people think that all niches have the same pay but this is not so. There are those niches which do much better than others. like for instance you may think if you are talking about fashion and artists with their latest songs and swag would bring you cash like no man’s business but this is not so. You will be surprised to know that tech related blogs are getting more ad sense earnings than any other domain related niche. This is where people go looking for the latest gadgets and such things. Surprising it is followed by Google products which mean if you want to open a micro blog or blog and you are wondering what to talk about then this is the right niche to go for. Microsoft follows, and then banking, automobile, health, real estate, home loans, jobs and the least paying is dating.

2. Allow relevant ads on your site

If you are one person who did not mind about any ad coming on your website then you are totally losing. This is because it is important to get an ad which related to your niche. For instance you do not want to tell me that you are talking about the latest Google algorithm and your ads are showing automobile products. Do you think the guy who has just landed on your page is looking for a car or motorcycle? Definitely no and that is why you should get a related ad which you have freedom of choosing.

3. Allow few ads

Many people think the more the ads the high CPC rate but this is the opposite. What happens is that you will get more ads and the chances of being paid some good coins are very low since most of your ads are paying low. So the best thing is to even that one ad which people are targeting.

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4. Display image and text ads and in good format

This is important especially for CTR since we are used to seeing image but when it comes with a test it is obviously going to increase CPC with high CPC rates. About format, images that do not consume much of your space and they are not too small to be noticed are preferred. So you can choose a good ad with text and image and make sure they are not many just as we have said above.

5. Target a country

This was also shocking to me since I thought any click from anywhere will pay the same but this is not the case. This means you have to know those countries and be able to target them. For instance if your traffic is coming from US this will earn you high ad sense CPC than any other country out there. This means once a click comes from such a country it is paid $1 while in some other countries such as India for the same ad you will get 20 or 30 cents. You see the difference? Now work on who you are targeting.

6. Check on Ad review centre

This is yet another way in which you can beat the low paying ads from coming into your website. What you ought to do is go there and you will be able to know how much an ad is paying. If you find it is not bringing you some good amount then there is no need to have it on your site, instead choose another one. Another thing is if the ads are not relevant to your niche then block them from appearing on your site completely.

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7. Visit competitive ad filter

This is another of Google Ad sense product which you should not ignore if there are some ads which are bothering you. What you are supposed to do is go to there and block any ads which you think and know they are irrelevant to your niche. Another benefit which you should get is having blocked your competitor’s ads form coming to your website and this is yet another way of increasing your ad sense earnings.

8. Do not use other network’s ad with Ad sense CPC

This is one way you can beat CPC from your site and if you think it is going to give you money then is sorry to say it won’t give much. This means your revenue will go down but if you drop them then you can be sure of great improvement. This calls you to either drop clicks or and infolinks or ad sense ads from your website. But they are good for news and education related niches.

9. Use text and image options

Google ad sense can send you a mail on an option meaning they are giving you direction on what you are supposed to so. The important thing is to do as it says. So go and follow the instruction to the letter and may help you get high ad sense CPC.

10. Ads placement

This is another thing which you must consider. Do not just neglect it because you already have them on your site. what you are supposed to do is have at least three ads, let two appear on your blog post and one be left outside in a place where anyone can see it. With this you will be able to get high CPC.

Now friends you can blog and get good ad sense earnings daily if you happen to apply all these tips. Of course there are more but we thought this are the most important ones for you to have today.

This is a simpler way to get high CPC rates on your website in the right way.

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