10 Best Android Call Recorder Apps for SmartPhone

Best android call recorder apps for SmartPhones

There are a number of android call recorder you can choose to use but today we are going to give you best 10. This is one of the most important apps which you can have on your phone. For instance you could be talking with a business partner and you want to keep the chat as a reminder of what you have discussed. This will be important, also when making deals with a person form the other side recording will save you in case of any misunderstanding or sorting out a conflict.

There are other people who do recording so as to later listen to their voice and hear what other hear from them. Another way is when you are being guided on how to go about maybe cooking procedure and you do not want to miss any step. This will also help you. And we cannot forget the direction to a certain direction. For instance if you are visiting a new area and a friend has decided to write or call to give you some guide then this call recording will be helpful to you.

We can count on a number of reasons why you should record a call but now let us focus on giving you the best top 10 of android call recorder.

1. Automatic call recorder

10 Best Android Call Recorder Apps for Smartphones

This android call recorder comes in two packages. There is a free version and a pro which is paid at $6.99 only. While using this android app, you can choose to record calls and save them. You can also record and stop it as you continue talk, share the record or add a note. On the other hand to can choose to either turn it on or off depending on what you want. Another thing about automatic call recorder is that it can store as many calls as possible unless your phone limits it. It comes with a lot of features including record everything default which means it can record all your calls and save them but you can choose to delete them. You can choose the number of calls you want recorded and reject the others. Another feature is ignoring everything whereby you can choose not to record any calls. Well, if you feel this is the right call recording app for you just install it on your android SmartPhone today.

2. Call record

This android call recorder comes with a free version which anyone who has an android SmartPhone can benefit from and pro which one has to pay $5.5 in order to have it. It also have its own features to benefit the user such as stopping the recording or even playing it , you can record all the call you receive, it has options of either recording or not recording, it immunes your recorded calls from auto cleaning by locking them and you can save or delete calls as you wish with no struggle. The difference the free and paid version is that the paid one comes with additional features such as sharing the audio record with a person or even to your inbox. The recorded files are stored on your microSD card and therefore there is no limit of the number of recorded calls unless your phone memory is full.

3. MP3 InCall Recorder and voice

This free android call recorder is best in recording different types of calls. You can choose to let it record all of your unattended calls, it is to reduce the size of the recorded audio file and it doesn’t consume much of your battery power. It also helps you to organize your recorded calls and it also have an mp3 InCall recorder with which also has different features such as high quality audio recorded calls, you can choose to record some calls and reject others, it comes with call duration, it has a unique interface and you can add a comment on your recorded call. It also allows you to send the recorded call via mail, dropbox, Gmail or WhatsApp.

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4. Easy voice recorder

This android call recorder comes with two versions the free and paid one. with the use of Jelly Bean you can choose to record a call and make it a ringtone and it also has different features such as saving and managing your recorded files on SD card, you can choose to use your camcorder microphone so as to get the clear and louder recordings, it also has a status bar which helps you control the app recorder as you want and another amazing feature is that you can record calls using your Bluetooth microphone and boost your input volume using Microsoft software.easy voice recorder

5. Record my call

This is yet another of android call recorder which records both the incoming and outgoing calls but it can only do that with the help of microphone and so they have to be turn on so as to capture the voice. You can as well choose to synch your outgoing calls to the cloud and rename them. When calls are recorded they are saved on your SD and it also filters all the contacts found on the call record.

6. Total recall

This android call recorder comes into two versions, the free version which goes for 14 days trial and the full package you get it with $9.95 only. This android app helps you to record calls from your line unlike others which uses the microphone. It is known for its high quality call recordings on different devices.

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7. MP3 call recorder

This android call recorder comes with a free and a pro version which goes for $6 only in the market today. It records all your calls automatically; you can be able to share your recorded files through Skype, email, Bluetooth and dropbox. It has a set of audio channels to use such as stereo and Mono. Once recorded you can choose to rename the file, delete or even save it. You can as well play the records. If you do not want to record any calls you can turn it off.

8. Galaxy call recorder

With this android call recorder app you can choose which calls you want to records and which not. Once they are saved, you can delete or keep them safely. You can record both incoming and outgoing calls.

9. Call recorder galaxy s2 and s3

This Android Phone Call Recording App is a paid version and it helps you record calls and voice note. This android app will as well help you to record calls as they come and they are saved on your phone. You can choose specific calls to be recorded or ignore them.

10. Auto call recorder

This android call recorder automatically records all your calls but you can still limit it to which calls to record and which not and it supports 3gp and ANR formats. You also have a choice to keep the recorded calls or not.

All these android call recording apps are available online. As you must have noticed there are those which need payment while others can be used free of charge.

You can choose any of them and be sure that android call recorder will always be the best choice.

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