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Best Android Emulators for Windows, Mac OS X & Linux Free Download

The need for an android emulator has been occasioned by the act that the Smartphone experience has taken a special place in the lives of the majority of people around the world. The central theme in the Smartphone narrative is the use of apps for different things. There are apps for anything from instant messengers to exercise monitors. Then there mobile games, that have become a popular culture by themselves. In fact every aspect of one’s life will not lack an app to go with.

Each passing day more and new types of apps are being developed, either as tools or games. As a result, mobile app development is a huge industry. This is fueled by the convenience of consuming the mobile app products. These apps are developed to be used on the go.

Reasons you may want Mobile apps running on your PC

Despite the fact that apps are cool because they are used on the go, there are reasons why you may find it necessary to have the mobile apps running on your Windows, Linux/Ubuntu or Mac personal computer.

  • For instance, you may find it appropriate to have all your many communication activities carried out on one device. While working on the desktop you could just, by a click of the mouse, be able to have a look at what your friends, family and colleagues are sharing with you on the Whatsapp messenger, without having to leave the desktop screen for the mobile phone.
  • It is also possible that it is not a priority for you to own a smart phone. But this may not mean that you are not interested in manipulating the apps developed to play on smartphones.
  • Also having mobile apps running on your PC, and not your mobile, may proof economical. Apps take a lot memory space on your mobile device. By relocating some of them to your PC, you create more room for other activities on your phone.
  • In addition, it takes consumption of data for some of the apps to play and be useful on your Smartphone. By using your PC as the launching and running platform for some of them, you cut down on the data consumption by your mobile phone.

To have mobile apps running on your PC you need the best android emulator.

But to run mobile apps on your PC is not as simple as download, install and play. This is because these apps are developed to run on mobile operating system and not windows, Mac or Linux/Ubuntu operating system. Nevertheless, the compatibility issue can be overcome and the mobile apps played successfully on the PC environment.

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The secret to successfully playing mobile apps on the PC lies in software referred to as an emulator or android app player.

Since most mobiles apps can run on android operating systems, an environment similar to that on android operating system is created on the PC by the emulator.

Apart from being android players, these emulators also give access to huge app stores from where you can search, download and install different types of apps and games

There are different android emulators that have been developed for different PC operating systems. The following are a total of eight emulators for the different operating systems.

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The best android emulators for Linux/Ubuntu

Ubuntu operating system is one the operating system with the least of these android app players. But, some of the emulators that work well within Ubuntu environment include;


genymotion android

This is a new android emulator that can be downloaded from It has a simple and easy to use Graphic User Interface.



This is another cool android app player. This app when installed on your Linux/Ubuntu PC, will give you access to appstore for android app from where you can download and install many android apps and games.

3/Android SDK Emulator

android sdk for linux

This yet another android emulator developed to run on Linux or Ubuntu operating system. In order to successfully install this emulator on your 64bit computer, you need to install a ia32-libs This another program that will make your 64bit PC compatible with this emulator that was developed for 32bit computers.

4/Google’s Android Emulator 


This is an emulator, as the name suggests, is made available by Google. The emulator runs on Linux or Ubuntu smoothly and offers a good user interface. From it you can find, download and install various apps and games on your Linux operating system.

The best android emulators for Windows

Windows being the largest operating system, in terms of usage around the world, has the most number and the best compatible android emulators. For Windows the following android emulators are available;


download bluestacks

This emulator is the most popular of all emulators for windows and Mac. This emulator has a simple graphic User interface and is available for free download and installation from the official website,, of the company by the same name, which is based in the Silicon Valley.

You can download BlueStacks.

2/Jar of Beans

jar of beans for windows

This is another android emulator that is developed to work well with windows operating system. This is an emulator that was developed to specifically give a platform to jelly beans games on windows operating systems. Most of the other android app players are not compatible with the android jelly beans games.



This emulator can be downloaded for a fee from It is a popular android emulator for windows.

4/Windows Android

This is an emulator that will turn your Window Pc into an android device. It is a simple easy to use android app player on your PC.

The best android emulators for Mac

1/ Bluestacks

Bluestacks for Mac

For Mac the bluestacks is applicable too and all you need to do is to click on the Mac version download button on the bluestacks official website. This emulator is easy to use and is free.

2/ Virtualbox

This is another android emulator you can choose for Mac operating system. This app is also free to download and install. The Android app player offers a simple User Interface on which to search, download, install and play android apps.

With many android emulators to choose from, compatibility is a major factor to consider. The emulator you want to install has to be compatible with your PCs hardware and operating system to be the best android emulator.

For instance, to install Bluestacks your PC has to have at least 2GB RAM memory while Android SDK will require your PCS microprocessor to be a 32bit. In addition different emulators work well with different operating systems.

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