Under Rs 15000 7 Best Android Tablets

7 Best Android Tablets under Rs 15000

There are a lot of new devices in the market nowadays and we are going to look on best android tablets under Rs 15000. As you know these small devices came to replace laptop and this is going to happen some days. The cost differs depending on the features and the brand and this open a door for many people to buy android tablets or closes it from buying. But now there are best tablets under Rs 15000 and they are available for you to make a purchase. These are portable devices which you can be able to carry while travelling and be able to do your work or browse as much as you want.

Under Rs 15000 7 Best Android Tablets

We are going to look at these types of tablets to help you know which one to buy so that you won’t be left behind while other people are moving ahead. The best thing is that you can be able to make a purchase from whichever geographical location you are and the package is going be drop in your address in a simpler way. So if you have been in search of a tablet this article might solve your case and fill the vacuum in your heart.

Android tablets under RS 15000 and their features :

1. Asus Memo Pad Tablet Price

This device under RS 15000 comes with a lot of attractive features for you and if you already have grips of Google Nexus 7 then this will not be too new to you. It features a Wi-Fi, large storage of 32 GB for the external and 8GB for the internal plus storage of 5GB for the cloud. It also has 1 GB RAM. Another thing is misro USB, Bluetooth, 1 MP primary camera, multi touch support with 140 degrees angle of viewing. Another thing that you may like is its 7 inch touchscreen which has 1024×600 resolution pixel, GHz processor and of course a 4270 mAh Li-Po battery. With such features and the amount it is costing you are of getting it. It is available in the market for you today.

2. Huawei mediaPad 7 Lite Tablet

It is available in the stores for Rs 13,700 only. it features WiFi, Bluetooth, 4100 mAh Li-Ion battery with 200 hours standby, USB, a 3G support, GPRS, 2G EDGE, 3.2 MP primary camera and a from camera of 0.3 MP plus a geo tagging. It also has a great storage of 1 GB RAM with 4 GB internal storage and 32GB external storage. Its screen size is 7 inch LCD which displays 10240x 600 pixels, has a multi touch screen and IPS displays. Also an android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich OS, GHz cortex A-8 processor and 600 MHz graphics which you must like. As you see all these features makes sense for the cost of this device and it is available for purchase.

3. Spice Mi1010 Tablet

This is a cool tablet which costs Rs 12,999 and that is why it is in under Rs 15000 with some attractive features such as a 3 MP rear camera with 0.3 MP front cameras and it also comes with a HD video playback for video fans. It has a great screen with IPS display of 10 point multi touch sensor, 10.1 inch TFT touchscreen which displays 1280×800 resolution pixels. Its battery life and strength is also good since it has 7600 mAh Li-Ion battery and can stay on standby for 260 hours. Its memory and storage is also quite attractive since it has a 1GB Ram and 16 GB internal storage and 32 GB external storage. Other included features are a WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, 3D G-sensor for 3 D games for gamers and it also supports 3G.

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4. Lenovo A2107 Tablet

This tablet is available in the market for Rs 13,400 only and it comes packed with different but attractive features such as 3550 mAh battery which is powerful, it has a dual sim option, professional level GPs, Bluetooth, and it supports 3 and 2 G connection. Its camera is also attractive with 2 MP rear camera with 0.3 MP front camera and a HD video playback. The memory and storage can also be counted worthy since it has a 1GB RAM with 16 GB internal storage and 32 GB external storage. The screen size is 7 inch LED touchscreen which displays 1024×600 resolution pixels. Another feature is android 4.0 ice cream sandwich OS, 1 GHz cortext A9 processor.

5. Samsung Galaxy tab 2 P3110

You will never lack a Samsung product missing in any rank of devices and here we have got this one which goes for 12,599 only. It comes with a 7 inch LCD touchscreen with 1024×600 resolution pixels plus a multitouch with TouchWiz UI. Its battery is 4000 mAh Li-Ion and can stay on standby for 93 hours. The memory and storage is also good for enough with 1GB RAM and a 16 GB internal plus 32 GB external storage.  Other features includes a WiFi, USB, it supports voice and has a Bluetooth. And we cannot forget android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and 1 GHz dual core processor.

6. Micromax Funbook pro tablet

With android 4.0 ice cream sandwich OS and 1.2 GHz A10 cortex processor is Micromax funbook pro tablet. This is under Rs 15000 tablet since it goes for 10,150 with a great design; it supports 3G, 5600 mAh Li-Ion battery. It has a primary camera of 0.3 MP, full HD video playback, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal plus 32 GB external storage.  It also has a 10.1 inch TFT LCD touchscreen with 10240×600 resolution pixels plus a multi touchscreen which you can pinch to zoom. We also cannot forget to tell you of WiFi, USB and Bluetooth.

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7. Acer Iconia B1 Tablet

This android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS with 1.2 GHz dual core processor is available in the market and it is going for only Rs 8,150 making it fit for under Rs 15000 in our list plus its features such as 2710 mAh battery, and a Ram of 512 MB plus a storage of 8 GB internal and 32 GB external storage. It also comes with a 0.3 MP primary camera, a 7inch LCD touchscreen display of 1024×600 resolution pixels.

As you see there are many best android tablets to choose from in the market under RS 15000. If you are in India and you are wondering which tablet to buy at a favorable cost then this list will help you.

There are more than 7 android tablets under Rs 15000 which you may choose from but today we just decided to give you the top 7.

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