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20 Facebook Tricks/Tips 2013

If you happen to check on walls of people who use Facebook tricks you will be confused or be left with a lot of question such as, how did he do this? Well, today we are also going to help you become that Facebook tricks guru. Facebook has become a basic social need and we are seeing people migrating there to get company, do business and share among others. There are millions of people who are logged in at the moment and if you happen to step on their toes by asking them what they are doing there you are going to get the best of the answers.

20 Facebook Tricks Tips 2013

There are various Facebook tricks and tips which are being applied and they are making it interesting to chat and share. Some you have to download and use while other just require you to login in to a different platform and trick people. This is one thing which can be done by any person of any age. You just get to know which Facebook tricks people are using and decide which one to apply and you will be done. Below are 20 best tips and Facebook tricks for you. Check on them.

1.      Disable the seen chat option

There is nothing bad like being disturbed while working by your friends and you do not want to ignore them. Maybe you wish at some point that Facebook could have an option of showing people that you are online but busy. Now you can stop thing distraction and continue viewing the news feeds and contribute while you are not live on chat. This is the solution. Just download Facebook Unseen Addon for either chrome here  or Mozilla here and apply.

2.      Post a blank status

Maybe you have seen people post an empty status and you are wondering what happens. Well, they apply a certain code @[:3:3: ]. This one here. Once you post it shows a black tinny mark and the people will actually wonder what you are trying to pass to them. And you can post them as many as possible to draw your follower’s attention with such a Facebook trick.

3.      Block or remove Facebook ads

This is one of the things which bother a lot of people especially if you do not like the ads which appear on your right hand side of your wall. You can also clear the whole thing and if you want that to happen just download Facebook cleaner script and clean your profile. Another thing which you can download is chrome extension for the same purpose.

4.      Use sendible to schedule Facebook message

This can be applied when you are doing something and you do not want to pass a message to your friend. You can schedule it and send it later. Another case is when you are chatting with a customer and you are as well talking with another. For you not to forget and lose that deal, you need to schedule that message. Just use sendible and make them happy.

5.      Download Facebook photo albums

Assuming you went for outing with your friends and you took photos that you want to keep in order for you to remember such a day and they have uploaded them on Facebook. Well as you know it can come to a point when you want to delete your account or age will not let you log in your account. So what you need to do is download those photos, create an album on your computer and save them there. You can as well download those photos and print them. What you need to do is use FacePAD Facebook photo album downloader.

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6.      Place Facebook chat on Firefox

Now you do not have to browse while you are moving from one tab to another to check on who has sent you a message on Facebook chat. There is a solution for in and that is to place chat on Firefox.

7.      Update your Facebook account without using Facebook

If you have Facebook pages you do not have to be log in on to post a photo, share a video or statement. This is because you can go to hellotxt or and update your page from there. This is one of the best Facebook tricks to use.

8.      Download Facebook videos

As you know there is no specific way provided by Facebook to download videos. Nevertheless, they allow third party and this is what helps you to download a video from Facebook to your device. Most of these videos are found in different formats which mean they might refuse to play on your device. What you need to do is get FVD downloader extension and this will be dealt with properly.

9.      Use email to update your Facebook account

This is yet another Facebook trick which you can use. Just log in your account and go to the settings. Here you will find mobile tab on the left sidebar and you will find an email address which you will use to update your Facebook account.

10.  Track pending friend request on Facebook

If you have been sending friend requests to people and you want to know who has never accepted it you can know. This is the best way to know whether a person ignored you and if they are your friend and relatives you can ask them why or decide to keep it like that.

11.  Customize your Facebook with different colors and fonts

Things are getting interesting. You can now download fabulous extension and customize your Facebook with different colors of your choice and fonts. It is just an easy thing to apply this Facebook trick today.

12.  You do not have to open photos on feeds just zoom

Most of the times, it bores to keep on opening photos in order to seen them clearly and on a larger screen. Now you do not have to do this. Just download photo zoom extension for Facebook on Chrome here and on Mozilla here and this is going to happen.

13.  Chat on windows Desktop

Now Facebook messenger for windows is available for use and you can download it here so as to access all your chat on your desktop and be able to reply all your friends even as you work.

14.  Create a photo collage with your friend’s picture

With this Facebook trick you can be able to surprise your friends when you make a photo collage for them. Once you do this, photos will be displayed in 50×50 pixels.

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15.  Find out who blocked or removed your from their list

If there is a friend whom you have not been seeing on your feeds and he or she used to update or used to be your friends and you are wondering where they could have gone, then check whether they have already blocked you. There is is a toll known as X-Friend and it will help you know whether someone removed or blocked you. Download the X-friend app here.

16.  Display your Facebook status of WordPress blog

Do have a self-host WordPress? You can be able to display your Facebook status on your blog. To do this, go to your Facebook profile and click on Min Feed and see all. There you will find status stories, scroll down to My Status. Once you click it copy that link. Now on your WordPress admin, go to widget and find RSS where you will paste the link you had copied on my status. Name it and save your status. This is your Facebook trick.

17.  Post your blog post on your Facebook wall

This is an automatic action. It will happen when you use Wordbook which helps you to connect your Facebook to your blog. And once they are connected and a post is made it will show on your feeds. It is also a good way for blogger and internet marketed since you do not have to go get the link and post it on your wall. Quite a good Facebook trick.

18.  Hide your online status

You can now choose who will know you are online or not. It is just a matter of few minutes. If someone is bothering you and you do not feel like talking to them there is a way to make them feel you are never online but you do post status. Just go to the chat box and you will see the setting starred icon. Click on it and then to advanced setting.  A window will pop out and you will be able to select anyone who will see you. Another thing is that you can choose to go offline or online where everyone can see you.

19.  Convert your Facebook account to a fan page

With this Facebook trick you can be able to convert your Facebook account into a fan page. This is just wonderful. If you have more friends like 5000 there is no way you can add more and if you want more then the way to go is to convert it. Facebook allows it and so you are free to do so.

20.  Watch live streaming on your Facebook

This is very easy and good for a person who like Facebook and would like to watch what is going on telly. If you are a soap opera fan and you still want to be on Facebook then this is the way to go. Get yourself usteam and you will be happy.

All these Facebook tricks are available and applicable. You can be able to use them today and enjoy every moment you spend on your Facebook account.

There are more than 20 Facebook tricks and tips but we considered giving you the top best.

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