List of Best FM Radio Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

15 Best FM Radio Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

Today we are going to look on the best FM Radio android apps for Samsung galaxy S4. It was so shocking to know that this latest S4 device doesn’t have FM radio while any other of Samsung has it. According to the report released by Samsung Russia, they believe people have migrated to digital and are concentrating much on music contents from the websites. This means people are not using the FM radio much and with such a consideration they decided not to have FM radio on S4. There are thousands of people who like this device but their concern is how they will listen to their favorite radio programs and music or news. Nevertheless, there is a way out. You can be able to download and install radio android apps which will give you access to fm radio.

We are going to help you know which are the top FM radio android apps. Note that we are just listing 15 Best Radio App for Android but they are more than that. As you know android has really given itself to bringing new stuffs in the market time after time and updating the old ones. The best thing is that all these radio android apps are not only accessible to android phones only but still on others like S4 which we are talking about today.

FM radio android apps

15 Best FM Radio Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Digitally Imported Radio – this is where you get to access channels which feature the most popular DJs, artists and the top shows from all over the globe.  Also you will be able to access more than 37 internet radio stations and listen to different genres of music ranging from Lounge, Chillout, Trance, House among others. Download it here
  2. Heart Radio – this is where you get access to single free internet radio service where you can stream your favorite radio channels, create free commercials for the artist of your choice and find the latest news, video among others. Download this free fm radio app here.
  3. Jango Radio – with this radio android app, you can get to listen music from your favorite artists. You can as well be able to create genre channels among others. Download this FM radio android here
  4. Last.Fm App Android –  this is where you get to search and find the nearby events, get to know more about your favorite artists and be able to share music with scrobbler plus synchronizing your friends with your contacts though this is optional. Download this Radio station app for android here
  5. Pandora Radio App Android – are you a comedy or music lover and you are using S4? Then this is the app for you. When you install it in your phone, just enter the name of your favorite music, comedian or artist and Pandora will create a station which plays these contents. It is a free internet radio for android available here.
  6. Pocket Casts – this is for podcast lovers since it allows any person to access podcasts on any platforms. All you need to do is add podcast and you will be getting streaming new episodes once they are provided. Download this free internet radio for android here.
  7. Radioplayer – this radio android app allows you to listen to all UK radio under one cover. All you need to do is find for your favorite station and set them as a preset. You can as well go to the recommendation section and choose a station. With this app you can be able to discover other radio stations to listen to. Download this internet radio for android phones here. 
  8. Scanner radio – This radio android app is commonly use in Australia and in the USA and you can get access to live audio from more than 4,000 amateur radio repeats, weather stations and emergency scanners across the world. Download Scanner Radio here.
  9. Slacker Radio – with this radio android app you can be able to access the top best music and entertainment in the world and it is free. Another thing is that you can be able to you can listen while you are offline and be able to make a huge list of songs. Download this app here
  10. Soma FM Radio player – with this app you can be able view the most popular station, genre and choose which to listen to. It also allows you to access free commercials and underground radio. Download this radio app here.
  11. Soundhound – this is a free app which gives you access to streaming songs and tells you who the new artist is among others. Find this FM player download here
  12. Spotify – when you download this app, you will be able to access and listen to unlimited music for 24hrs freely. After that you will be required to subscribe so as to go on listen to the music.
  13. Stitcher – with this app you will be able to access more than 15,000shows, live radio and podcast.  Get to listen CNN, BBC, NPR, Fox,Freakonomics, Adam Carolla, SModcast, Joe Rogan among others. Download this radio andoid apps
  14. TuneIn radio – if you are a lover of music, sports, news, comedy or talk then this is the favorable android application for you. It allows you to enjoy streaming contents from all over the world. The most amazing thing is that you can access at least 7,000 radio station, concerts, shows and podcast from any part of this globe. It is a free app which can be use of Samsung phone or tablet. Download here
  15. XiiaLive – Internet Radio – this app allows you to get streaming music and get access and listen to more than 50,000 radio stations live from different parts of this globe. You can as well tag, save or add streaming music.Download it here

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Features of FM Radio Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Get access to streaming music,
  • Get to access to different channels from all over the world,
  • List to live broadcast,
  • Listen to podcast, concerts and shows,
  • Get news, articles among others,
  • Listen to unlimited music from the artists of your choice,
  • Get to know which music is playing on your phone and get the lyrics,
  • Get free commercials,
  • Access weather and emergency scanner.

Why get the best FM radio android apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

FM radio android apps

There is no FM radio on S4 and this means if you love radio for news, music, talk show, live DJs and all radio product you may find this device boring and though it has lots of good features in many won’t find it attractive most especially the young generation. However, Samsung didn’t hinder fully this app to be on S4. What they did and the reason they give was enough. I totally agree with them about that issue of going digital. There are thousands of live broadcasters from all over the world who are out there to inform and entertain us over the net.

With this we are able to listen to whatever we want from the channel of our choice. The best thing after downloading any of the above radio android apps is that you can be able to listen to what you want over the net. Most of these online channels play the latest music brings up the latest topics and news thereby informing us on how the world is doing. This means we are past the local radio stations though we can still listen to them and that we are international.

We all have our favorite comedians, artists, DJs, channels among others. With the best FM radio android apps, it will be possible to access them FM apps differ in features and you may find some which will keep you listening to what or who you like most despite their location since anyone can listen despite the geographic area as long as he or she can access internet.

How to download FM Radio Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

  • Get on your browser,
  • Visit android official page and search for your favorite FM radio,
  • You may as well find the apps on Google play store,
  • Download the radio android apps on your android phone,
  • Find the FM radio icon from your device,
  • Open it and let it install as you follow any guideline that you will be given on the screen,
  • Reboot your android phone [optional],
  • Finally you can listen to what you have desired.

Note that all these radio android apps will have to be downloaded on your device if you need to use them. At this age you must be aware of viruses and they can as well affect your phone, eat it all and finally you will be left without one. That is why you need to ensure that your phone is well protected with antivirus. This is for the better of the life of your android phone. Another thing is that you should ensure that your are downloading the app from a trustable source. Find tutorial guidelines which will direct you on how to download any of the above mentioned radio android apps.

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Now you know which FM radio android apps to use for your S4. Most of these radio android apps are freely available and so you don’t have to get bored and say that you won’t buy S4 because it lacks features such as FM radio. The process of installing is very easy. Just search for it online from a trustable site and download it on your app. You will finally get to listen to anything that pleases your ears using the best FM Radio android apps.

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