List of 35 Best Free Premium WordPress(WP) Themes

Are you wondering which free premium WordPress themes is the best for your websites? We will help you discover it today. WordPress has really offered much help in setting up blogs for sharing and business especially for anyone who is not ready to buy domain but he or she want to display his ideas online. They have also come up with different themes fit for any business. You can easily get a free theme for sports, lifestyles, magazines, wildlife, travel, products and services and many others. There are very many themes which they have brought in the market but we are going to find out the top 35 free premium themes in 2014 and their features.

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 List of 35 Best Free Premium WordPress(WP) Themes

  1. Appliance –  this is a magazine styled theme which showcase post in series instead of a list and it allows you to post images. It is code-light which makes it load very faster and it has a clean look.
  2. Architekt – this theme allows you to display photos and images since it has enough space for the same. It has a minimalistic layout that is very responsive.
  3. Balloons – this a nice theme for personal or event websites since it cannot accommodate businesses. It uses a minimal design which gives you a good scrolling effect.
  4. Big Square – this is a theme which allows you to showcase your work such as artwork, photo and images you have captured. This is a minimalistic and modern theme.
  5. Blogum – it features a distinctive layout structure which helps your site viewers focus on posts. It also offers freedom in configuration.
  6. Blue Bubble – this is theme allows you to navigate easily on the posts and it uses left hand sidebar. It is not a responsive theme and you have to be keen when adding feature image since it might lose layout balance. If you are a web designer converting this theme is very easy and you can make it responsive.
  7. Bonpress – this is a left hand nav and allows site viewers to see everything so nicely since it features a large space. It is very nice for blog, website or a portfolio site and it is responsive.
  8. Boxified – is another of WordPress themes which is fit for anyone who want to display content and images and share with the world.
  9. Effective – this wordpress premium theme features space for images and contents, it showcases latest posts in a series with their images and content, place to post adverts and categories.
  10. Eliaten – this is a cool theme which comes with a slide at the top of the page. It features JavaScript slider, it is easy to use and configure. With a good space for contents in columns.
  11. Exposition – this is a portfolio theme which helps you display your work online where everyone can view it. It is designed for designers and photographers.
  12. Folder –  this is the perfect theme for displaying your projects and projects. With this you can be able to customize admin control panel and project posts. It comes with 5 different widgets and has a slight retro feel to it.
  13. Fotofolio – this is a theme that allows your content to talk to any visitor who lands on your website. It also allows a clear display of photos and images which are eye catching.
  14. Grid – this is a responsive theme which is very graphic and it is fit for artistic work, event or displaying portfolio. It is a heavy photo theme which needs contents.
  15. Imbalance 2 WordPress Theme – it features a customizable website presence, has flexible functions and it is the best theme for portfolio, blog as well as e-zine.
  16. Nomad – this theme features a place for the logo and banner. It is also fit for contents with the menu at the top of the page and has two pages. It also allows social updates from twitter.
  17. Noteworthy –  this theme is modeled on the USA Today website and it has a modern and clean color scheme. It shows the recent posts.
  18. Origin – this is a premium theme and it is fully responsive which allows visitor to read the contents. It has two fixed column layout with a customizable widgets for social sites and categories plus a gallery.
  19. Panoramic – this is the perfect theme for images and it allows you to easily customize them and view them clearly using it extensive option panel. It has a large space for showcasing images on slide show on homepage which catches attention.
  20.  Paragrams – this is a free premium theme oriented for the journalists which is easy to use.
  21. Portfolium – it features a very nice design which helps you to display your work. This theme is based on flexible grid and it is fit for portfolio.
  22. Responsive – just like its name it is very responsive and it comes with widgets on homepage which allows you to put on contents by dropping and control everything very easily.
  23. Sensitive – this them is built in twitter’s Bootstrap framework and has a MSA [Metro Styled Accent]. It has three different page templates with customizable menus and background. It is a responsive theme.
  24. Shaken grid – this theme is designed for magazines with large space for photos and contents.
  25. Sight WordPress Theme – it has customizing and configuring options and it is fit for online magazines and blogs. It has built in features which help in website conversion.
  26. Spectacular – it features a cool space for the banner at the top of the page with greetings at the right hand side at the top. It also fit for content and images.
  27. Strap Slider Lite – this is a modern, clean and extensible theme which is fully responsive. It has large width sliding panels. It allows you to put a slider and image with a caption plus the content. It is built with Twitter’s Bootstrap.
  28. Suburbia – is yet another magazine theme which features flexible and modest layout which improves the presence of your website leading to rise in conversion.
  29. Swatch – this is one of Woo Theme and it comes when it is fully packed and so you do not have to customize any bit of it. It can host a lot of contents since it comes with a large space for that with widgets and columns. It is not responsive.
  30. Synch – this theme is fit for videos and also for ordinally blog which come with two type of post viewers. It is supported with html5.
  31. Unspoken WordPress Theme – this is a customizable premium theme which is fit for online magazine and news. It is simple and clean.
  32. vFlex –  this theme is for designers and bloggers. It comes with a stylish with FlexSlider, integrated VibeOptions panel. With this theme you can be able to post feature images, upload logo, import or export settings it is clear on any device.
  33. Xenastore – this is just a simple theme with color and graphic elements which boosts it value. It has widgets on home p[age where you can show offers and coupon plus showing products though in small numbers.
  34. Yaminth – [Yet Another Minimal Theme] this theme is the only of its type online. It has the best image layout, has light colors, Google Web Font and iQuery fade in and out images. It can be used by an individual  or for commercial. It is minimal and modern with customizable page.
  35. Zenith – this offers the best platform for blog magazine and it is built in support for Gravity Forms. It has a multiple layout, al large space for photos and image displays and its templates and menus are customizable.

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Best Free Premium WordPress(WP) Themes
Best Free Premium WordPress(WP) Themes

All these free premium wordpress themes are available and you can choose any for your wordpress site. Understand that themes plays a very big role when it comes to attracting visitors. That is why it is important to choose the right premium wordpress theme for your niche since not all of them can fit any design. For instance if you want to set up a portfolio website it will be you will be very wrong to use a lifestyle magazine designed theme for the same purpose. Always be keen when choosing from all these varieties. Remember there are other WP premium templates which you can purchase and that means you will need to pay before applying it on your website.

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