Top 10 Best Video Players for Android Phone & Tablet

Today we are going to tell you more about best video players for androids and let you know which the best in the market are. In most cases video player becomes more important when you want to use while in other times you don’t. The fact is that they are important in that you can get a nice video or here that one of your favorite musician has a released a crazy video which you need to see. Without one of the best video player you won’t like it despite seeing comments and hearing it big on the air. That is why it is important for you to know which these video players are and choose from the list. We will update you on some of the top best of these popular video players for android and give you their features so that you would be able to know what they entail and what is making them to be referred as the best among others.

Top 10 Best Video Players for Android Phone & Tablet

Maybe you are one of the few people who do not see or find the importance of having such android apps like this especially if you are not a fun of music and movies. Now, the fact is that it is part of entertainment and on the other hand it can as well educate you. Going with the today’s trend, most people are learning online and there are educative video majoring on different areas and you can use them for study. Another thing is that you do not have to be at home or hotel to watch news. You can watch news streaming on your android device comfortable.

10 best video players for android

1. MX Player

This video player for androids comes with different features which will attract you such as multi-core decoding. This is was the first multi-core decoding video player by androids and it shows better than the single decoding and dual-core devices. It has new h/w+ decoder which is useful for video hardware acceleration. You can easily zoom in or out with just a swipe or pinch. You can be able to lock and in case you have given your children to use they cannot tamper with any other program.

2. Mobo player

This video player helps you to watch videos without conversion. It comes with different features such as different subtitle formats like SAA, ASS, and SRT. The subtitles are built in MPV, MOV among others. You can access multi-subtitles, multi-audio and video streaming via HTTP or RTSP protocols. It displays media libraries and sorts out video by its type.

3. Mobo video player

This android app can play most video without conversion since it supports SRT, MKV and SMI plugin subtitle. It can play continous multi-audio, playlist and multi-subtitles videos and streaming. It supports flash format of videos such as flv videos. It has codec plugin, advanced media libraries and HD video playing optimization among others.

4. BSPlayer

This is referred to as one of the best hardware accelerated video player for androids and it is also packed with features such as playback media files and you do not need to convert videos or copy media files to SD card. It has multiple audio streams, subtitles and it supports playlist among other playback modes. You can be able to use playback files from uncompressed RAR files. And it supports all kind of media files that you may have even for the streaming content.

5. Rockplayer Lite

This video player is known of its high performance and its ability to run different types of video formats. It does format converting thereby creating more space in your disk. You can put video on sdcard on this app and watch it or use a url. Another thing is that it supports .mpu playlist.

6. RealPlayer

This app is known as the best due to its multimedia players. It features radio, video, music, and photos. It has a theme which looks like Gingerbread and it is freely available in apps market.

7. mVideoPlayer

this is one of the commonly used android video player and people like it because of some features such as search function and internet movie database. Another thing is that you can be able to edit its default theme.

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8. Double twist music player

This app has become popular because you can be able to play music, videos, podcast and it has a radio. Its ability to sync both audio and videos on a computer is yet another feature which many users like. However, it is free to download but needs subscription to use.

9. Vplayer

The features of this video player are attractive since it doesn’t consume much of your battery which is different from other android video players. It is also known in providing the best content in terms of quality though this is determined by the kind of software or hardware decoder you are using. Once you install it on your android device you are given a 7 days free trial and after that you can be able to decide whether you want to continue using it.

10. Crackle Video player for android

With this android video player you can be able to watch your favorite movies, make free downloads and watch at your own time from Sony back catalogue. It features flash streaming app intercuts playback and ITV feel.

Where to get best video players for android ?

If you are impressed by these android apps and you would like to try or use them on your phone or tablet, just go to Google play store and search for them. Here you will be able to get varieties of apps to choose from and you will as well get a chance to look for more video players since they are more than 10 which you can try and experience them. Androids website is yet another source where these apps can be found in varieties. So if you are a person who believes in getting things from the main source then this would be favorable for you.

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The choice of apps such as video player depends on the taste of a person. You can be a person who likes movies and in such a case you will need to go for an app which provide high quality content and choose an app which is compatible with your type of android. After choosing you will need to go on yet another process of installing the app of your choice on your device. For this step, you will need to check on a tutorial article for guidelines so as to have it installed in the right way.

Now that you know the top best video players for android devices don’t be mean, just share it with a friend today.

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