How to Create and Add Alexa Widget to Blogger Blog or Website

How to Create and Add Alexa Widget to Blog or Website

Are you interested in Alexa Rank on your website? If yes then you have landed on the right site where we are going to show you how to create and add Alexa widget and give you more information about it. Alexa Rank is popularly known for its capacity to show traffic, show the number of visitors per site and page views among others. If you want to enjoy this tool and its effectiveness you just visit and register with them. You will be able to access widgets and other effective tools to help you rank your blog or website.

Alexa widget

Follow this guideline to create and add Alexa Widget :

The whole process is for new people but if you had already installed Alexa Widget you should know that they have done a lot of improvement and your old widgets cannot be as effective as the new ones. These improvements include a new section inside their website which is helping the user to add, edit their website details as well as verify their ownership. They also have a new way of adding traffic widgets and they come in button, banner and a vertical banner. That is why you should consider going through this guideline in order to improve your Alexa Ranking.

Create and Add Alexa Widget for Your Blog or Website

  • Go to and click on the siteowner’s section to get ad code
  • Go to the site widget and enter your domain and then click on build widget. You will get the code
  • Log in to your blog and click on layout. You will find add gadgets
  • Click on HTML/JAVA script and paste the code you got from
  • Save the changes and you are done with that part.

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Now you have just created Alexa widget and you are looking forward to adding them on your site. Here is how to;

  • Go back to the siteowner and then on the reviews. Here you will be given an option to change the color and it is optional you do not have to spend seconds on it if you do not want.
  • Then you will have to choose graphic. There are various options which you will be given.
  • Enter the link to your blog and Build Widget
  • Go again to your blog’s dashboard and click on layout
  • Go on the Add a Gadget and a new window will open.
  • Open on JavaScript /HTML and paste the code on the content box and save the settings.

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Why Add Alexa Widget on Your Blog or Website ? 

The importance of installing Alexa traffic is to attract more visitors on your blog. As you know without traffic it will be hard for you to get visits. Once you install Alexa Widget you will be able to get to know about your ranking since it will be displayed on your blog, get to know how many backlinks you have made and know where this traffic is coming from.

As you see the process of creating Alexa Widget and adding them on your website or blog is not hard. It doesn’t take long as long as you have a good internet connection. This is important because it is part of search engine optimization. If you are using Google Page Rank you can as well use Alexa ranking.

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