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How to Download Apps from Google Play to PC using Real APK Leecher

Real apk leecher download is an app which helps you to download all android apk files that you want on your device. It is available on Google play store and you can as well get a free tutorial on what it is all about, how to get it and what features it comes with. It comes in various versions and you can update yours if in case you have. Another option is by reinstalling it and installing the latest version which is in the market. This is to help you get all the benefits that it comes with. It is very easy to download and have it on your phone.

First you need to get the app online from a trusted source such as android market or Google play store and download it on your app. Ensure that you have provided all the requirements such as ID number, correct download path and plus a good internet connection which will not hinder the downloading process.  Once the file is on your device, you will need to launch it. In this process you will be required to give some information for configuration. Note that without this there is no way your app will work.

Real apk leecher Download


Real apk leecher Download key features

 Real APK Leecher v1.3.6

  • It has a SIM Operator Numeric which helps in faking carrier since some apps are restricted to download.
  • has a Java application
  • it supports Linux Version 

 Real apk leecher Download instruction

 There several requirements that are needed pin this process of getting real leecher. The first one is a Gmail email and the password. As you know this is the main account for any android device that you may own. You will as well need to get your android ID. Don’t worry on how to get this. Just dial *#*8255#*#* and open Gtalk service monitor. You will come across JID and android ID. This gives you direction since the JID stands for your account while the string which follows android is your ID. If this is not working for you or you feel the process is a bit longer, go to the market and find you androids ID.

Note that you may encounter some errors such as the file may fail to download. This may be resulted by wrong entry of ID or internet connection. This calls for some attention when you are starting the process. Ensure that your net is superb and the ID is correct. Also, the provided the correct path for apk file as it downloads. Another reason for error is downloading an app which is for purchase and you have not paid. Always ensure that the file is fully downloaded before you click on it to open. All these problems must be watched so as to avoid some confusing and doubting information that we are offering. 

Real apk leecher Download changelogs 


Real APK Leecher v1.1.8

  • can be renamed manually
  • can scan and compare existing apk file with the latest
  • it has format option for downloading apps
  • easy to check related and latest apps in the market


Real APK Leecher v1.1.9

  • removable country restrictions such as language


Real APK Leecher v1.2.3
Alternative version if you got crash:
Real APK Leecher v1.2.3 (alt)

  • removable carrier restrictions
  • Add ‘pin this program to taskbar’


Real APK Leecher v1.2.4

  • Fixes download
  • It removes ‘pin this program to taskbar’


Real APK Leecher v1.3.5

  • you can download any app since it fixes downloads
  • easy to download any app you purchase with your account
  • choose which name to save the apk file with
  • no scanning
  • Add frequently asked questions

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