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How to download Line for Mac OS X (Free Guide)

You must learn how to download LINE for Mac if you want to make highly defined and quality free voice and video calls. Line Messenger is an application that is readily available on BlackBerry OS running Smartphone’s, tablets, Windows Phone, Nokia as well as Android and iOS.   Interestingly, it is also available for PC users officially.  How different is it from other messaging apps that have mushroomed the market the likes of Whatsapp? It is of High quality videos that no other application can match it. Besides, it has a double use both on your Windows PC as well as on the MAC and tablet.   

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The developers claim that since its release in Japan, it has been able to claim close to 100Million users. However there is s till a large number of Android users that has resulted to using Whatsapp to keep close network of their acquaintances and family. The only challenge in this is that Whatsapp is not yet available for PC or MAC which is a great advantage.

Command Line for Mac

Features of Line for Mac or Windows (Review)

The beauty of this app is that it is working in iPhone and iPads hence its availability on Mac and more so Mac has apparently become one the most important Operative Systems in the world today. Here are the numerous features that will blow you off about this application:

  • It is available on Smartphone’s and tablets which is a unique feature.
  • You can switch devices without hanging up the call in between of a video or voice call if you’re using LINE on Mac or Windows PC or any smartphone or tablet.
  • You are able to create a report of your account and you will be able to pit up your profile and pictures. You will also be able to highlight your status. Your device will automatically be scanned alongside your contacts and possibly import them if you so require. This will be in an effort to find those that are users of Line app and who will definitely be added in your contact list.
  • You will have notification of messages thus you will be able to know they have been sent, delivered and those that have been received.
  • You will be able to share files and photos with friends and family and chat groups. In addition if you want to call somebody without spending money, then this is the app for you.
  • The app will present to you a whole load of colorful and beautiful emoticons. The addition of stickers to your conversation will make it more interesting.
  • You will have an experience with various plugin – apps like emoticons and others that will allow you to edit your photos.

Download Line for Windows 7/XP/Vista

Line App on PC

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How to Download Line on Mac Free?

Follow the below guideline and within no time, you will have your download Line for Mac OS X completed.

Step 1. You will be provided with a link from which you should download the app from

Step 2. You should click on it then you will be prompted to download a Line set up file.

Step 3. Just download it.

Download Line Messenger for PC

Step 4. You will get on – screen instructions that are simple and which you should follow to complete the installation process.

Step 5. Once the installation is complete, you should restart the PC then open the LINE.

Step 6. You will be asked for basic information which you should fill out and probably upload your picture as a start for creating a profile. By this, you will have started the process of connecting with your friends with LINE.

Download Line for Mac OS X

To add more friends and connections use the search too using their names and probably ask them to add you. It was that simple and direct to download LINE for Mac.

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