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Download Odin for Windows & Android (Latest Version)

Download Odin Latest Version [Current v3.09] and All Earlier Versions 

According to Norse mythology Odin is a “major God”. But that is not the topic under discussion today. Today you are going to be taught how to download the latest and some previous versions of Odin. The Odin referred here is a product of Samsung to help Android smartphone users update/flashing the ROMs. According to the mobile dictionary, flashing means to update your firmware which is stared in the ROM or flash memory of the phone. Now you got the basic idea of the software, so let’s move on to its features.

Note that you will be provided with a link to download all versions of odin.

Features of Odin

Easy and handy tool – The app will automatically check your system and like root it has everything it needs to carry on 

Supports the following devices

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy 5
Google Galaxy Nexus Samsung Galaxy Note




                                            Samsung Galaxy S



  • Display Binary Size
  • Button Auto start
  • The latest Odin v3.09 has branding button boot loader and phone to CP, BL and AP.
  • Safe and secure – it doesn’t increase the flash counter
  • F. reset time, Auto-reboot, Re-partition, LED control and flash control.



How to download Odin 3.07 and install on your PC

To get started, you have to get the files from the internet data base. Just type download Odin 3.07 on google, Bing or yahoo search engines and you will get a host of files. Here are a few links to help you skip this step

Okay now these are ZIP files. You have to go through another step to get to your setup files which are compressed in these zip files. This process requires you to have WINRAR application. You can get WINRAR anywhere from the internet.

Use this WinRAR to extract the files, simply open your already downloaded file with the help of this software and click extract. The screenshot indicate you how to! The WinRAR will unzip your Odin 3.07 files to the same folder where you already download the Odin files. Go to this location and double click the application file. This will run the installation wizard which will then guide you how to install Odin 3.07 on your computer!

Download Odin 3.09 [Latest Version] for windows and android

Now there is the latest version of Odin {3.09} available all over the internet so it’s better that you download and install these files on your PC. This version has some attractive features associated with it.

First of all the bugs which appeared on the previous versions have been fixed therefore the performance has improved. The version is sleek and is compatible with Windows Operating System [All editions]. The new user interface provides an attractive look for the user. Autostart and Binary size are the two new features found on this latest version.

You can search for the files yourself {remember that you are searching for Odin 3.09 free download} otherwise you can use the links posted below.

 If you successfully downloaded the Zip files then you have to repeat the WINRAR step again.

How to install Odin

After successful completion of unzipping the files, you simply have to go to the target location where you extracted the files and run the Odin 3.09 application file. The installation wizard will open which will simply take over the installation procedure. Just make sure that your hard drive has enough space to support Odin, otherwise you will face no problems in installing the files.

How to use Odin

Odin 3.09 is user-friendly, meaning that everyone can use whether they are tech experts or not. After installation of the software simply plug in the USB cord of your android device. This requires that you must have Samsung USB drivers installed on your computer but that is performed automatically through your phone when you used the USB cable to connect your phone the very first time.

Check Auto Reboot (to reboot your phone after flashing) and F.Reset time {which resets the flash counter}. There are other options too which can be selected later on. The PIT button {partition information table} can be used to browse .pit files in the firmware upgrade folder.

.bin, .tar and tar.md5 formats are supported by Odin which can be applied by the PDA button. Once all the requirements are done, simply press the start button to start the flashing process. After the finishing of the process the device will restart and a Pass notification will appear on the top left corner.

Odin download


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