Download Shazam For PC (windows XP/7/8)

Shazam for PC is a wonderful app that identifies any lyrics of song that you listen to. The Soundhound for PC is an alternative for Shazam for PC. Here we will take you through a complete guide that will enable you download and install Shazam for PC. You may download the app for Windows XP, windows 7 and 8. In the year 1999, Chris Barton and Phillip Inghelbrecht founded the app. It recognizes the music being played using the mobile phone microphone. Shazam app has been used in Smartphones for some time, but you may now get Shazam for PC. You may be working on your PC but also you will be happy to know the music that is being played on the radio. To make this possible, download Shazam for PC. The app will work even better if you have a microphone on your computer. Download the app after following the on steps below since there is no official site to get the app.

What are the 3 packages for Shazam for PC

  • Free Shazam software to try
  • Shazam pay to play encore program
  • Shazam red, it is like the encore but the income generated, a fraction of it goes to charity.

shazam for pc

How will I use Shazam for PC ?

Go to the centre of the screen and click ‘Shazam’ and you are done. You will find out that using Shazam for PC is easy. The app will do the search for you. You will then find the lyrics being played. May be you are a party person who likes visiting clubs. Maybe you are a DJ, the app will enable know the name of the songs without asking anybody. Shazam for PC app is now used by over 280 million people worldwide that make more than 201 countries. The number will also increase with time as year’s progress.

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How to Download Shazam for PC

Follow the steps below for you to start using Shazam for PC. Make sure you have a stable internet connection as you begin the process of download and installation of the app.

  • Download Bluestacks, Android emulator. Download for window 7 and 8.
  • Take some few minutes for Bluestacks to download.
  • After the completion of download procedure, install Bluestacks on PC
  • Depending on your connectivity, Shazam can be downloaded with only 5 minutes
  • The emulator installation will then be completed too
  • Go to the top left corner of the PC and search for hour glass
  • Proceed by typing; ‘Shazam
  • From the results, click Shazam icon
  • On the list, select the place where Shazam can be downloaded on PC.
  • Go to download link and avoid Google Android Market since you are not using an Android gadget.
  • To get the application on your computer, click the icon named Shazam.

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How to install Shazam for PC

  • The app automatically installs on PC after you have clicked Shazam icon. There is no need for manual input.
  • The other alternative is to get the APK file.
  • Install by double clicking Shazam.apk file and then it will proceed by installing on emulator.
  • Now use Shazam for PC.
  • You now are ready to use Shazam for PC. Let your friends know about this app too.

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