Features Wechat for Mac

How to download Wechat for Mac OS

If you want to experience one of the most popular free messaging platforms in the market and which is commonly available with Smartphone’s in the market, then you ought to learn how to download WeChat for Mac. In as much as it is not officially available for PC users and being the free messaging application that it is, it is a service that is readily available on Blackberry, Android, Nokia and iPhone among other devices. It is a service more or less like whatsapp and has been embraced by close to 300Million people because of its reliability and the fact that it is fast.  It is one of the messaging platforms that have made a name for itself even with the competitive market. Also readWeChat for PC

Wechat for Mac OS

Features Wechat for Mac

Being a favorite and an alternative messaging platform for many, here are some of the features that make it so exciting: –

  • First of all it is a free service meaning you can use it unlimitedly and send as many messages as possible to friends and family and right from your PC.  However you can still get the same feature from WhatsApp.
  • Its elegant interface makes it easy to understand how the application works thus you do not need a user guide. From the first time you interact with it, you will be able to send messages right away. This will definitely allow you to communicate and in a very professional way.
  • You can easily create communication groups together with your friends. It is similar to the way you would do it on Face Book whereby you have the access to being able to add friends on a single chatting window.
  • Besides being able to send free messages you will also be able to share Videos with friends, smileys and emoticons. This feature makes messaging with this application more addictive and fun. In addition, you will experience great quality for your free voice and video calls. Of course you must make sure that your internet is stable and not fluctuating.

Compared to many other social apps like Twitter, Palringo, tango and FaceBook, it’s clear that WeChat will offer you a positive effect because of its convenience, flexibility and the fact that it is hassle free.  However the only challenge you are likely to experience when you want to download WeChat for Mac OS.   is the fact that you may get inappropriate pings from people who are using it inappropriately and in a clever way. Additionally being a Chinese app you might stumble on more Chinese speaking than English speaking people.

Features Wechat for Mac

Download Wechat for Mac – Guides

Never the less the app is safe because of the use of We Chat ID’s and QR codes. Let’s now learn what you need to do to download the same:

Step 1. You need to download the Emulator BlueStacks which you can get from the official website.

Step 2. After you are done with the downloading, a double click on the set up will trigger the installation.

Step 3. You will follow the prompts that will appear as well as accepting the license terms and agreements which will facilitate the completion of the installation.

Step 4. Obtain the Android APK file which you will get from the official link.

Step 5. Using Bluestacks and once the downloading is completed, open the file

Step 6. Automatic installation will begin using the BlueStacks software. You will have the same feel as that of an Android device.

Step 7. You have just completed the WeChat download and steps away from enjoying the feel. With these steps , you can use Wechat on your Mac OS  like  WeChat for iPhone

That was a simple guide in how to download WeChat for Mac and which is simple to follow.

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