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Download Whatsapp PLUS Holo apk 4.00 for Android

Whatsapp instant messaging mobile platform has changed the way many people share messages in form of text, audio and video around the world.

If you have used the official Whatsapp app, you might have found the features and functionalities satisfactory. In fact, you could be thinking the app does not require any changes or improvement. But that is just what Whatsapp PLUS does, introducing changes. After experiencing the new look of Whatsapp through this new platform, you will most probably come to the conclusion that you really needed the change of look and feel.

What is Whatsapp PLUS Holo apk 4.0?

This is a newer Whatsapp instant messaging app mod that has been made available for downloading and installation on the majority of android based devices. It gives the Whatsapp platform a new feel and look. This mod is developed to run on devices with the android operating system version 4.0 and above.

There are many other Whatsapp mods out there that have been developed by third parties and are meant to enhance and make the Whatsapp experience better for its users. Among these many Whatsapp mods available, Whatsapp plus Holo stands out.

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Main Features of Whatsapp PLUS Holo

Features of Whatsapp PLUS Holo

This new Whatsapp platform introduces new features that completely change the way the chat view of Whatsapp is arranged. This in turn changes the way you as a user will interact with the Whatsapp instant messenger.

One of the main features that come with the app, is a cool default theme called Holo, from which it derives part of its name. Although Holo is the default theme of the Whatsapp PLUS, it gives the user room to do other customized changes through setting options. This provides a wide variety of looks to choose from.

Downloading setup files

Go to this website to download Whatsapp PLUS Holo installation file, which is about 8.5 MB. The application setup file is downloadable in apk format from the source. Download it here. After the download, you will need to extract the files before installation by using either AndroZip or ASTRO.

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Prepare your device and install

Before installing the Whatsapp plus Holo apk file, first you will need to prepare your device by uninstalling the tradition Whatsapp application. But if it is the first time you want to have Whatsapp on your device, then just jump to the next step. By uninstalling the other versions of the app from your device, you will avoid installation errors and also create room for the new app.

When the process of uninstalling the earlier version of Whatsapp is complete, your device is ready for Whatsapp PLUS Holo. During the installation you will be prompted to verify your mobile number. The whole process of installation is simplified by a wizard.

Launch and customize your Whatsapp PLUS Holo

With the setup complete, you are ready the experience the new feel of Whatsapp. When you launch the new app, it opens in a default theme.
You can go ahead and customize the view through the setting options to fit your desires and needs.

Download WhatsApp PLUS Holo 4.00 for Android

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