How to Hide the WhatsApp Last Seen Time?

Well good people, today we want to take you through a guide on how to hide WhatsApp last seen time on different makes of phones. WhatsApp is a messaging app which has hit the heights of the world and conquered other texting apps that are in the market.  This is because it has a lot of attractive features which not only catch the eyes of young people but old too. It is not a myth nowadays to find a parent chatting with their children on WhatsApp today. This is because we all have smartphones and it is cheap to text and communicates using WhatsApp. As you know all you need is Wi-Fi or data for you to be able to chat using this great tool. Read also: Best Whatsapp Status Message

Downloading this app is just an easy thing and after that you will be able to chat with your friends, make a voice call, record a message and send it to your friends, share photos, videos, files among other things. With this you can be sure to keep in touch with your relative and friends across the world. Now, we are here to tell you how to hide the WhatsApp last seen time. Maybe you are wondering why you need to hide the time when you last visited WhatsApp. As you know you may chat with a friend whom you do not want to continue chatting with and when they check and see when you were last seen and you have ignored their message then they may take an offense. To avoid this just hide WhatsApp last seen time. Check out: How to download Whatsapp for PC

Follow us below as we guide you.

Hide WhatsApp last seen time on android – use not last seen app

Are you android phone user and wondering how you can hide WhatsApp last seen time? Here we are going to introduce not last seen app to you which helps in hiding this option.  

1. What you need to do is download this app on your android phone.

2. Once you launch “not last seen app” you will be able to see three options. That is block last seen at boot phone; always recover Wi-Fi and block last seen.

3. Check the “block last seen” and this will take you to the other step. Also, if this option fails to work you can thereafter check block last seen at boot phone.

How to Hide Whatsapp Time, Whatsapp Hide Last Seen Android

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Once not last seen app is downloaded on your computer it configures everything. And so if you start your WhatsApp your Wi-Fi may disable automatically. However you may check the always recover Wi-Fi option while using not last seen app.


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Hide WhatsApp last seen time – iPhone

If you are iPhone user and you are looking for a way in which you can hide WhatsApp last seen time then here is a help for you. One thing about this guide is that it is a bit easier than android’s. This is because you are not required to use any app to hide WhatsApp last seen time. All you need to do is:

  1. download WhatsApp on your phone and it will start working.
  2. Now, launch WhatsApp and then go to settings.
  3. While you are here, click on advanced and the last seen timestamp. Turn it off and you will be done with this step for good.

Hide WhatsApp last seen time without App

If you are wondering whether this can happen then we are here to tell you yes and show you how. As you know WhatsApp was bought by the giant of social media which is Facebook and they were paid good money so it didn’t just happen. Now, after that WhatsApp got another option which is of hiding last seen time. Well this is much easier to use unlike there before and you do not have to worry whether your boss is seeing that you have been on WhatsApp during working time or if you do not want one of your friends notice that you ignored their message.

This is just a matter of brining an eye. Just go to your WhatsApp and launch it. Then go to the WhatsApp settings and while you are here you will see accounts. Once you click on accounts it is going to open another page with different things such as privacy and that is where you should click next. This is where you will find various options such as hiding your profile picture, limit who can see your status as well as hide WhatsApp last seen time.

Currently we do not have any app available for blackberry and windows phone to help in hiding last seen time on WhatsApp. However, if in case it is brought in the market be sure that we will let you know of it immediately. Now we are sure you are able to hide WhatsApp last seen time and it cannot trouble you anymore.

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