How to Download Facebook Videos for Free

Facebook Videos : How to Download for Free ?

Today we are going to look on yet another topic which will show us how to download Facebook videos for free. As you know Facebook has been of the most used social media platform worldwide. Currently the news shows that there are more than 10, 000 videos uploaded daily and about 250 million photos uploaded every day. We mostly post and share these videos to attract people’s attention on the latest song, comedy, news or even a new video in the market. One thing you will notice in case you are interest on such a video is that it is impossible to download on your phone or computer. So what do you do? Follow me as I direct you.

Download Facebook videos

Most videos which are uploaded on Facebook (Facebook Video Search) are found in different formats but once they are there they are in FLV. So you will need a Facebook video converter in case you want to download the video on your computer. Otherwise you can check for a compatible media player to help you solve this problem. You can also find that somebody posted a YouTube videos and in this case you can go directly to YouTube and download it.

How to Download Facebook videos ?

Use to download Facebook videos

First you need to choose on which video you have liked on your news feed or on any other place on Facebook and then get the like to that specific video. You can get it by right clicking on the video and copy the link or use the page URL. After that open and paste then link. Click on download and this will lead you to another page which will contain the Facebook videos you want to download. Right clicks on it and choose the option of save video as and at this point you will be able to choose the name of the video and where you want it to be saving on your computer. Click saves and you will be done.

Use Real Player to download Facebook videos

If you do not have Real Player you can download it from online here free of charge. When it is installed, log in your Facebook account through Real Player and select the Facebook videos which you want to download. Click on the video to start playing and it will immediately bring you and download the video option. In most cases such a video will be saved on the Real Player’s library.

Real Player

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Use to download Facebook videos

One thing about using is that you can be able to download Facebook videos from private pages and once you download it you can still upload and share it again on Facebook especially if you want to share it or edit and share. Use the steps used on to download videos on Facebook while using

Use to download Facebook video

Download here. Open your Facebook account and play the video you want to download. You get an option which reads “flashing download video” click on it and the video will download and be saved on your computer.

With this you can no longer struggle to download Facebook videos. While it is there you can convert it and reuse it as you want. Just visit any on the above mentioned websites which host and allow you to download Facebook videos for free.

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