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How to root HTC Explorer Pico and Install CWM

HTC explorer is a budget price android smartphone. It is a pretty powerful mobile phone with a high processing power for the low end market. Nevertheless, you can still improve its power by rooting it.

Rooting your HTC Explorer Pico, or any other phone, is basically to give yourself access to its system files. With this access, you can have more control on the software and hardware systems. For instance, you will be able to upgrade the operating system to a higher version. You can also, with access to the system files, increase the internal memory, which is very critical in the phone processing and storage power.

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 Point to noteBut before you embark on the task of rooting your HTC Explorer Pico android smartphone, you should be aware of the consequences. For one, your warranty is deemed void when you carry out this process. In addition, sometimes things go wrong during the process of rooting. If this happens and you lose your device, then you have no recourse. It practically ends there.



How to root HTC explorer

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Tools needed for rooting HTC Explorer Pico

Most of the tools needed for rooting the HTC Explorer can be downloaded freely from certain sources online. The tools include;

Preliminary steps before rooting

  • To root the phone, you will first have to properly charge the phone. The smartphone should be charged to at least 60% full.
  • The second step is to enable USB debugging. You do this by going to the Apps> Settings> Manage apps > development > Check USB Debugging box.
  • It is important that you backup all the contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, videos, audio files and all the other important data that exist in the device. This is because during the rooting all the data could be wiped out. The best tool to use for this is the Super Backup
  • To enable the whole process of rooting your device, you need to Install HTC Explorer Pico drivers for the computer that will root the phone. You will have to download the drivers from the following link here. These drivers will make the communication between your device and the computer possible for they are the interface between the devices.

Rooting the HTC Explorer Pico step by step

With the tools gathered and the preliminary preparation of the rooting process taken care of, it is time to start the process itself.

  1. The place to start from is the unlocking of the Bootloader. A boot loader is a set of codes that enable the basic software in the system to start running. It is the boot loader that will launch the operating system. This piece of software will need to be unlocked as the first step to the rooting process of the device. To unlock the boot loader you will switch off your phone, remove and reinsert the battery. Then, hold down the down volume key and press the start button. From the list that will appear on the screen, select Fastboot.
  2. Connect your HTC Explorer phone to the desktop with a USB cable and open the downloaded and extracted folder of the boot loader files now stored in your desktop. Click on the RunMe.bat file.
  3. With the boot loader unlocked, now you need to install a recovery the CMW. You will do this by use the file Recovery.bat that you downloaded and extracted.
  4.  Flash the recovery image by typing the command fastboot flash recovery RecoveryFileName.img”.
  5. Go ahead and install all the compatible files from the custom recovery.
  6. Copy the Superuser file to the SD card then start the phone in the boot loader mode. Select recovery from the list displayed.
  7. Select Install Zip and Superuser zip from the SD card. You will be prompted to confirm your actions. Confirm to complete the process.


Sometime after rooting your HTC Explorer Pico, you may decide to unroot your device. To do this, you will do the opposite of what you did during the rooting but not quite. For example, once the boot loader has been unlocked it can never be locked again. It can only be relocked.

The rooting of the device will not have done much in itself to your android smart phone, but it will open opportunities to make it better. You will be a position to manage your system by being able to delete and install any app or software, upgrade your operating system and create more internal memory.

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