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Micromax Canvas2 A110 : How to root micromax Canvas2 a110 ?

Micromax Canvas2 a110 Review

Micromax is a smartphone brand that is cutting a place for itself in the world of android devices. The Indian brand has recently released a couple of phones in the micromax canvas series. One of these smartphones in the series is the Micromax Canvas2 A110.

Micromax canvas2 A110 series phone has huge RAM memory, dual sim and dual core processors as some of its features that stand out. Apart from its performance power, the mobile device has a sleek look to go with.

Running on android ICS 4.0.4 operating system device, Micromax Canvas2 A110 can be rooted based on the need to upgrade to a higher version.

But what is rooting ?

micromax Canvas2 a110

Rooting is the process of getting access and more control over your device and its operating system by changing its core software or operating system’s structure. This will enable you bypass many of the restrictions, in terms of features, settings and app usage, that are predetermined by the manufacturers and their third party handlers through the operating system.

These predetermined app restrictions may include the type of apps that can run and those ones, for one reason or another, that are not allowed to run on the device in question.

The process of rooting may involve changing part of the operating system or changing the whole operating system by installing a version of your choice.

The legality of rooting, or flashing, of mobile devices in many countries around the world is a subject of debate, but in the majority of these countries it is widely practiced. It may be necessary to find out the legal position in your country of residence.

After rooting your Micromax Canvas2 A110 app device, you can go ahead and install and run any apps of your choice, including those ones that require a root in order to install. Rooting is about getting features and functionalities you desire on your Micromax Canvas2 A110.

Apart from enabling your micromax canvas2 a110 device accept more apps the process also makes your device efficient by getting rid of the bloatware.

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Prior planning for rooting of the Micromax Canvas2 a110

Even though rooting your device will open it to more capabilities and possibilities for your experience, it is something that requires proper prior planning and assessment. It is advisable to bear in mind that some the changes that will occur during rooting process may turn out to be permanent and irreversible. This is what is called the risk of bricking Micromax Canvas2 A110. Bricking renders the mobile device unrecognizable by the original compatible apps and drivers.

Apart from the technical changes that the rooting will create in your device, there are other issues like warranty to think about. Many manufacturers of smartphones will interpret rooting as sign of voiding your warranty. It is important that you are aware of this consequence before you embark on the process.

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Another very important thing to do before rooting your Micromax Canvas2 a110 device is backing up all the data in it. This data will include saved files, SMS, call logs and apps’ data. In addition, it is also important to back up your current ROM data before the rooting. To achieve this, you need to go to the ROM manager app that is found on the play store

All the above preliminary points are the reason why it is important to be sure of why and how you will do the rooting for your micromax canvas2 a110.

How to root micromax Canvas2 a11 Step by Step ?

Now that you have taken care of the preliminaries and you are still sure that you still want to root your mobile phone, it is time to get down to the real task of rooting. The following steps will guide you through this process :

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do in the process of rooting your micromax Canvas2 111a, is to make sure that Micromax Canvas2 A110 is fully charged, or at least up to 80% charged. This is necessary so as to ensure that the process will run to the full cycle without coming to a stop because of low battery. Remember, it is not advisable to charge the device during the rooting process.
  • Step 2: Now prepare the computer that you are going to use for the task. There must be an interface between your device and the computer. This is interface is what is called the drivers. The find drivers that are specific to Micromax from online and install them on the PC you are going to use to root your device. This will enable the PC recognize your device. Download these driver here: Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Original USB drivers)
  • Step 3:With the drivers installed on your computer, go again online and Download a rooting tool from a reliable source online and save it in a location on your PC. Download Bin4ry Rooting Toolkit
  • Step 4 : Go to your device and enable the USB debugging by going to Setting>Development>USB Debugging.
  • Step 5: Both Micromax Canvas2 A110 and the computer are now ready for the rooting process. But wait, this will only happen if they are connected. Use a cable to connect the device to the computer with the rooting tool. This will do the physical connection while the drivers you installed earlier will do the software interfacing.
  • Step 6: Now go to the folder with the rooting tool on your desktop and Look for the Runme.bat in the downloaded files and click on it and Press 1 and follow the simple instructions that follow.

Root Micromax A110 Canvas 2


  • Step 7: In a short while the rooting will be complete and your device will be open to a new world of experience.


One more step, do a flashing recovery by downloading CWM recovery files for the Micromax Canvas2 a110 device.(Download it here)

This should be the end of the process but there is one more thing. It is good you also arm yourself with the skill of un-rooting. For one reason or another you may find it necessary to return your device to its initial position.

To do this you will the steps you followed to root, but instead of pressing F1, you will press X. This will successfully unroot your device.


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