How to Save the Whatsapp Profile Pic of Your Friends

How to Save the Whatsapp Profile Pic of Your Friends

Whatsapp is an instant messaging mobile app that enables its users to share text, audio and video messages for free. The social networking app has grown in the last a few year years to be one of the most popular around the world.

Platforms supported by whatsapp

The app is supported by and can run on several devices. These include the android devices, windows phones, blackberry, iphone and Symbian.

Apart from the above mobile platforms, one can also download the app for both windows and Mac PCs thanks to an android emulator.

An android emulator is software that creates an environment on a PC similar to the one on an android operating system.

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Place of photos in Whatsapp

If you have used Whatsapp, you may well know that photos and images are very central to the service.  Users share them as much as they share text, video and audio messages.  In fact, by mid 2013 Whatsapp users shared about 325 million photos daily.

Among all these pictures on the platform, there is a category that is common. This is the category of profile pics. Majority Whatsapp users have uploaded pictures on their profiles for easy identification and, in some cases, to pass specific messages about what they stand for and what they are about.

In addition to allowing users to share these photos with one another, the app also makes it easy to download and save profile pics of other users to your phone.

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Reasons why to save profile pictures

There are several reasons why you will find it necessary to save a profile photo of your Whatsapp friend.

You may be in the profile pics shared by your friend or you just like it and you wish to save it on your device. Another reason could be you need the pics is in order to use it as a contact photo on your phone.

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Steps to saving Whatsapp profile pictures

Whichever the reason, the procedure of saving a profile Pic of your friend depends on the type of phone, the operating system on your phone and the Whatsapp version you are using.

In spite of the above factors, the procedure takes the following general steps;

  • First open the conversation of you and the friend whose picture you intend to save.
  • Look for the Options on the open conversion. Under the options you will have Chat history, Send image, Send video, Send audio and view Profile photo.
  • Click on the View profile photo and the profile Pic will open on your screen.

Whatsapp profile friend

  • Alongside the picture, you will have the options of going back and saving. Click on save and you will be prompt to choose the folder where you want it saved. Go ahead and choose your location and your friends profile photo will be saved in your device.


You can go ahead and use this Pic as the contact photo on your phone or as you will use any other image saved on your device.

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