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Learn about the 10 top cheats of Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 originates from Temple run. It has more excitement with one large demonic skull-faced gorilla to outrun. The pathway is no longer straight and there are more dips, rises, and bends mixed with normal obstacles and ledges.  It is a redefined mobile gaming with more of running, jumping, turning and sliding. Its few features include:

  • gorgeous new and organic environment
  • New graphics with more achievement and bigger monkey.
  • New obstacles that enhance more powerups .
  • Every characters in the game has special powers

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Temple Run 2 is a fast – paced running game that you cannot get enough of. However even as you enjoy the game 24/7 there are several tips and cheats that you need to be aware of: –

1. Getting yourself free coins before you begin

Temple Run 2 Cheat

  • Nab some free coins first before running into the wilderness of Temple Run 2. From the in – game app store select “Get free stuff” then get to social medias; twitter and facebook and like the game and you will end up with close to 250 extra coins.


2. As Soon As You See Cliff Hangers, Take to the Air

Temple Run 2 Cheat 2

  • Cliff hangers will make you freak and make your heart stop. When you see one stay calm and you can jump and while still in the air lean towards the safe side of the cliff hanger instead of running into them.

 3. Improving the Right Upgrades should be of higher priority.

Temple Run 2 Cheat 3

  • Upgrades of a higher level will help you in getting more coins, higher scores and power ups that you will need in the tougher stages. The trick is paying attention to the score multiplier which increases and picks up spawns upgrades.

4. If you want to Win, Keep your Mine cart Tilted.

Temple Run 2 Cheat 4

  • Tilting the cart to the right direction gives you a higher success rate. Try and aim for the gems which are always easier to obtain.

5. When you come across double obstacles, time your jumps

Temple Run 2 Cheat 5

  • Obstacles that are seemingly tied together can be hard to pass on. However you can use the trick of leaping an jumping at the very last second on spotting a pair of obstacles.

6. Complete a Stage’s objective as much as possible

Temple Run 2 Cheat 6

  • Since Temple Run 2 will present you with new challenges make sure you note the challenge and complete it.

7. Pick the right power ups for your play style

Temple Run 2 Cheat 7

  • There are many power ups in Temple Run 2 thus ensure you know what matches what you play

 8. Ignore those Powerups that are close to the edge

  • Fight the temptation and ignore those power ups that are next to a pitfall or cliff.

 9. Utilize the Jump and Slide Combo

Temple Run 2 Cheat 9

  • This move will definitely get you far especially during the stages that present obstacles and quick turns.

 10. Lean Around the Red Tiles

Temple Run 2 Cheat 10

  • If your reaction time is not well calculated, the red tiles could knock you down quite fast. While jumping could save you when you spot them, sometimes it’s not advisable. The best thing is to lean around them to avoid landing on obstacles after jumping.

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