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List of 40 Best Android HD Games – Download your Collection Now.

Experience the touch of Android high definition games direct from your phone. There are numerous games to play. You can download the games and start playing now. All you need is fast speed 3G internet of a Wi-Fi connection.

This is our list of 40 Best Android HD Games [Updated]

1. Android Final Fantasy 3

Android Final Fantasy 3

This game was first released in 1990 in which the series was a millionaire seller in the market.

In 2006 the 3D game made a remarkable sale just as the original copies did globally. The entire series is a trademark of innovation since the characters change at any time and have the power to beckon enormous creatures like Shiva. Four youth are picked to save the world by crystals to go into the world.

What’s latest in the Version?

  • Device support with *86 processor
  • Launch the game to your device by user account
  • Language support to include Korean

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2. Pinball Android HD for Tegra

Pinball Android HD for Tegra

This game consists of the deep, Wild West and Jungle style in which you will get a different mission system and genre in each of them. The Android game has won the award of the best apple design. If you have NVIDIA Tegra processor, you may download the game since the device is game compatible.

3. Samurai Vs Zombies Defense 2 (Limitless Glu coins)

Samurai Vs Zombies Defense 2

Samurai has brought his friends in the heroic Samurai to defend his village from all the deadly zombies and demonic whelms. In this game you will get sacred artifact to stop them by recruiting allies and erecting defense. The game is free!

Game strategy:

  • Get multiple heroes to the game
  • Acquire powerful weapons for defense
  • Unlock powerful new heroes by expanding your defense
  • Gain big reward by robbing enemies of their artifacts
  • Defend against zombies by recruiting army force
  • Upgrading Samurai heroes

4. Adventures of Tintin HD Game

Adventures of Tintin HD Game

This game is an exploration game. You are required to take the adventure of Tintin. You will get treasure as you unravel the adventure in the official Android HD game secret of Unicom. Explore and get more!

5. Six-Guns Absolutely Free

Six-Guns Absolutely Free

Another Free Android HD game is the six-Guns which can be accessed from your android mobile. As you play you will discover that the west is wilder than you have ever thought before. Make your enemy pay as you explore the massive adventure and unlock West frontier are full of wild cowboys and bandits.

6. Real Racing 3 (Full Game)

Real Racing 3

This game includes licensed terrain with 22 car grid expansion. Test your capabilities with 45 racers on your mobile or pc. The innovative time shifting multiplayer allows you to race anybody at any time and you do not have to be online. Play with your friends around the world by hooking up with them via Facebook or Game Center. There are up to 900 events that comprise eliminations, challenging endurances and cup races. For performance maximization, you can get new car parts and see yourself top the race via variety of cameras angle for great view.

7. Fieldrunners Android HD


This stunning Fieldrunner Android HD game, consist of more than 400 waves across 4 battlefields that are unique. You have to virtually update high definition graphics on the Tower Defense game. You can access the game from Android phone or tablet.

8. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed

This is a cool game to engage with speeding graphics. The game involves 48 cops in the events of your career. Take the adrenaline-fueled performance cars within 24 day and night. Collect your bounty so as to ascend to the top of the 20 precision car ranking.

9. Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III

This android HD game will open globe genre for a generation with its amazing soundtrack and a game play that is opened on earth. Grand Theft Auto iii is a game with comic story and astral voice act.

Find out what the game contains:

  • Mobile platform with customized controls
  • Unlimited hours of playing
  • USB gamepad controllers support
  • Amazing characters and graphics that is up to date.
  • Resolution HD quality
  • Touch screen device optimization

10. Air Attack Android HD Lite

Air Attack HD

Air attack HD Lite is a free game containing amazing 3D graphics and audio. Its effects are awesome while you play. It is a game that won the winning next-generation top down combat air shooter title.

11. Shadowgun Android HD Game

Shadowgun Android game

This Android game which is shooter based and contains extraordinary graphics that are incredible. There are multiple levels in which players have their way to try and survive while beating massive enemies and giants jumping in and out. This is a game that you will fall in love with.

12. Cordy Android HD Game

Cordy Android

Cordy is an Android HD game with great 3D puzzle that contains a small robot with a big task to save the world. The free game involves Cordy as he jumps, lifts, throws and lifts as he hovers around the beautiful arena.

 13. Amazing Alex Android HD Game

Amazing Alex Android HD Game

Angry Birds, the creators of Android HD Amazing Alex, involves the whiz kid Alex. The physic puzzle game as Alex’s house is full of toys that are fun to play with, which also do turn everything into an adventure. The game is fuelled from four fun filled locations with more than 100 levels that are challenging to the player.

14. Gangstar Rio Android HD

Gangstar Rio android hd game

Have a criminal fun by accessing Android HD Gangster game from your mobile phone. In this game you will discover 5 neighborhoods which are: Jungle, Beaches, Business District and also Favelas. The series is fully revised in 3D.

15. Kairo Android HD

Kairo Android HD Game

This is a game that revives old machines back to life. You are to fulfill the destiny of Kairo by uncovering his true purpose. The game is an adventurous game with 3D puzzle solving game that is powerful and elegant. The mechanics are simple and captivating which leaves you with a lasting experience.

16. Asphalt 7 HD Game

Asphalt 7 Android HD Game

This game lets you experience the thrill of arcade racing like never before. Get the andreline feel with pumping Asphalt game. This is one of the best racing games that Android has released so far.

  • Get the perfection
  • Face the best players
  • Get your friends to race with you
  • Get your car collections of your dreams

 17. Backstab HD Game

Backstab HD Android Game
Backstab HD Android Game

This is a game involve the character Henry Blake, who is having a rough life and thus a depressed man. You will play as Henry by climbing, jumping and sneaking away to give way for revenge and get the required justice. You have to go fast to strike down adversaries once you arrive at the target.

 18. Triple Stack Android HD

Triple Stack Android HD
Triple Stack Android HD

This is a solitaire game which involves cards. You are to take part in this funny type off a game within the shortest period of time as decisions are to be made at haste.

19. He-Man HD: Powerful game for you

He Man HD

This is the game where you have to defend castle Grayskull secrets against Skeletors evil forces. He-Man is the most powerful game from planet Eternia where you experience heroic masters and crazy attacks.

Find out what the game contains:

  • Get to have secret powers and upgrades that will strengthen He-Man
  • The greatest enemy Huge Boss fights with He-Man
  • Stunning swordplay with fluid intuitive control

20. Anomaly Warzone Earth Android HD

Anomaly Warzone Earth

This game won an award for Android tower defense game. This HD game, you play as the attacking side by choosing the tactful squad, powerful weapons and routes. You are to gain success of the Tower offense strategy by thinking critically.

21. FIFA 12


This game is an official licensed game which has popular graphics and it’s played globally. The Android HD game consists of licensed teams amounting to 500 licensed 22 leagues and massive players too. The players are 15 000 or even more.

22. NFL Kicker Android HD

NFL Kicker Android Game

This is an amazing NFL game in which you are required as a player to get a team to play the placekicker game as a customized player. You have to win to become the real NFL kicker.

23. Asphalt 8 Airborne HD Game

Asphalt 8 Airborne HD Game

In this game, you get to ride luxury motors which have high performance and audio you ride as you jump 360 degrees and maneuver into new locations. You will have to race above tracks as you dare your friends with ghost challenges. At the end of each game the leaderboard will appear which enables you to compare scores with your friends.

Find out what is new in the game.

  • Support for numerous devices
  • Galaxy S3 coloring mode
  • Fast bug fixing

24. Fast Tower Android HD

Towers N' Trolls

This is a free game available for your kids. It involves animals on the farm. There are blocks on the farm tower thus, your mission is to dismantle the blocks but ensure that all animals are on the ground. No animal should fall down to the ground.

25. Beer Pong Android HD

Beer Pong HD android game

If you have played Angry Birds before then this will be a simpler game for you since the mechanics used are almost the same. This game is available for free for your Android phone. It has amazing graphics that use the rules of World Series of Beer Pong. The physics of the game are fun and realistic

26. Great Little War HD

Great Little War HD Game

This strategy game that anyone loves since it is a unique game with a comical arena. You will have more to laugh about and lots of fun too. The game is addictive as you will find yourself playing again once is over. You can get the HD game for your phone today.

27. Amazing Spider Man Android HD

Amazing Spider Man Android
Amazing Spider Man Android

This game was highly anticipated in the year 2012 as an official blockbuster app. In this game you are Spiderman, so defend yourself from the gangs and the monster lizard.

28. Shine Runner HD

Shine Runner HD

This game is unique from others as you are supposed to destroy everything that comes your way. You will have lots of fun as the graphics are of high resolution and you have clear view of the destructive serene.

29. Riptide Android HD

Riptide Android HD

This Android water game contains water physics and vehicles that are of high definition. You will have fun as you ride a hydro jet, highly charged to enable reflex in water. This is one of best Android HD water racing challenges.

30. Eternal Legacy HD Game

Eternal Legacy HD

This game is a blend of Sci-fi guns and robots not to forget the swords. This game involves backstage real time 3D with 360 degrees cameras that are free.

31. Reckless racing II

Reckless racing II

This is another Android game where the players have to race their cars with a crazy speed. The game contains cool graphic resolution with highly detailed cars that amounts to up to 18. The routes are also 24 in numbers therefore you may ride a fast supercars or dirty buggies.

32. Mini Squadron Game

Mini Squadron Game

This game involves shooting the planes that do fly around while establishing their supremacy. This game involves amazing graphics that are breathtaking and aerial tricks adventure. This is a game to play since it contains an option for multiple players and WI-FI system of fluid control.

33. Trial Xtreme II


This is a game with levels which do have wonderful graphics and motorcycles that are blistering. Take the action now and play this game for thrilling experience. This Android HD game is a multi- million seller in the market.

34. Real Racing II

Real Racing II

Upgrade this game on your mobile phone for free and enjoy Android HD platform game of bicycles and motor cars. Game levels are so many and you can also get all of them for free.

35. Lets Golf III

Lets Golf III

This game is for gamers who are fans of golf sports. You can enjoy high resolution graphics that are fun and exciting by joining the golf adventure. This game is available for downloading and it is Free!



This game consists of 10 multiple maps including 10 players, amazing 12 chapters and 5 modes which do not resemble the other. This action HD game involves shooting controls. The action may get furious while playing thereby using the smooth controls helps you emerge the winner.  You will meet your enemies with great weapons and massive power, work your way out using the control mechanisms.

37. Assassin’s Creed Game

Assassin’s Creed

This Android HD game involves mixing of stealth and hectic action. You can solve the puzzle while taking an exploration into the depths of the game. This game is a full 3D game with Middle Eastern history surroundings of the crusades.

38. 9MM Android HD

9MM Android HD

This wonderful 9mm is an Android action game that you are to act the character of Kannon, the team leader of corps who goes to the limits of bending the law to make the streets clean. You as a user of Android HD game, are going to eliminate the corps leader who hunts your team illegally of not, since your team can be removed earlier than the other.

39. Free Grave Defense HD

Free Grave Defense HD

This is a game that contains 12 Android HD levels and 25 levels that can be unlocked for Free. It shows the next step to evolution of tower defense Android HD games. There are harrowing encounters in this game that have to be followed to enable you survive in the fellowship of frightening boss monsters and zombies which are mutated.

40. Modern Combat III Android HD Game

Modern Combat III

There are 13 mission campaigns that you have to fight and emerge the winner. It is so far the most realistic Smartphone FPS series with intensity and the battle for freedom in the USA with single or multiple players. The latest game that you may also love to play is: Modern Combat II; HD Black Pegasus.

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