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List of 45 Best Android Apps

Google play has 800 000 android apps or even more, the list is endless. For you to actually have a glance at each and every app, you may download 100 apps every hour for almost the whole year. Therefore for reasons that cannot be avoided, we have compiled 45 best Android apps that will leave you refreshed. You will get more updates next time since this is just the starting point, there is so much more for you.

1. Opera Mini 7

Opera Mini 7 is a compatible mobile browser that is considered the fastest in the market. Compared to Dolphin Browser HD, Opera Mini gives you Flash support and all the features you do require. The app server compresses pages on the web in to one tenth bandwidth while you are using traditional browser on your mobile. This app is free!


This is best free app for Android that enables you to have information you need at the right time. You may want to wait for to load but when using this app, you do not have to wait. You have the opportunity to get immediate definition of terms from the app. You have advertisement from the free app.

3. OnLive

Android app which enables live streaming of games from OnLive servers, you get to play current generation and PC games right from your mobile device. The game needs wireless game controller and 4G connections for it to work well. The app is also available for free.

4. Chrome

Chrome is the new version of Google for mobile play store. The favorite browser is now available for Android. If you are using old devices of Android you are required to run the app but when your phone contains chrome box, Android gets you numerous tabs that can be accessed from a nice pop up list and many more.

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5. Sky Cloud +

This android app automatically process and signs in to mobile Sky-Managed Wi-Fi site. The method will minimize the time you will have to spend looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot connection since the app detects Sky-Friendly hotspots and automatically you are signed in. You do not have to fiddle around typing passwords for 3G signals when you are in haste to get grasp of internet.

6. Google Maps

This is an android app that aids people find their way through the streets, National parks and also outside locations globally. Google has also made additions on indoor navigation that aids you to intrude huge buildings, shipping, airports and shopping malls. Google maps app is free.

7. Odeon

This is an Android impressive app that has levels. The exciting thing about this app is that you have the ability to buy your tickets via your phone. You may book specific seats with the graphical tool and also get to schedule your film timings.

8. Ticketmaster UK

Ticketmaster is the android app for users in the UK. Ticketmaster is available live which offers all you like. This app provides you with events on full database which is complete with options for buying the app. You get to view search option which lets you access a list of what you require, a good example is a like artistic happenings.


This app is impressive as it replaces the use of a keyboard. It suggests to you the next word as you are still typing words. Android is boosting the language model so that you may hasten your sentences without mere mode since it contains a swipe-like method of input referred as the Flow.

10. Gumtree

This is another Android app that includes sofa-ditching site for the mobile. Gumtree app is flashy which resembles ice cream sandwich style of design. Its tab bar has floating and listings which contains items and appears even flashier in landscape orientation. Execute massage trawling in your local area is now faster and simpler with Gumtree.

11. Avast Mobile Security

Android app, Avast Mobile Security has loads of features that concerns security. They include: app managing, remote wipe and lock, managing your battery, web browser, an anti-virus engine which was ranked top after passing AV-Test. You may also need to sync it to the PC since back up feature may be lacking at the moment. The app is available for free by uploading it from the internet.

12. Tasker

Tasker is a resourceful Android app that enables you to command programs for your phone just like the way the phone radio starts automatically when earphones are plugged in. Wi-Fi is put off as you make the device to face down. This app lets you make the most of your Smartphone.

13. Auto Memory Manager

This app is the best Android app that boosts performance of your computer, by upgrade mechanisms and memory management. It works also for mobile devices. This ad- supported app gives you detailed memory information that provides you the opportunity to set memory priority. If you feel that your phone is functioning slowly then this app is best for you at no charge whatsoever.

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14. Met Office Weather Application

Met office weather checker is an official android app that lets you know if during the summer, you will have plenty of drinking water. This app offers you  home screen widgets that let you know 5 days forecast and warns you. You get the information just as the T.V screen would provide. If there is going to be rain, then you are glad to get your raincoat with you as you go.

15. Guardian Android App

This is a free Android app in which the way it looks and feels is like you are in brand new generation. This is a nice app that was recently upgraded to include live blog support, section navigation enhancement, navigation swipe via photo galleries and lots more.

16. HotUkDeals

This is an incredible bargain portal which defied its task by costing millions since it encouraged unnecessary impulse purchasing of discounted gear. The pack is now available with a posh look on Android. Now submit local deals you have spotted and also search for new ones. The app has a simple view of all available categories and a new way to find items to buy that you may not necessarily require.

17.Beautiful Widgets

Android app named beautiful Widgets provides you with the opportunity of customizing the phones homescreen to include features like Clock, weather reports and status of battery. It actually makes your homescreen more useful while giving you easier access to the data you like to view. It gives you beauty screen touch.

18. Amazon Android MP3

This is a genius app that stores in the company cloud servers, all tracks that are from automated retail giants therefore you can stream them to your device. You may have limitations when it comes to numerous MP3 uploads but you are guaranteed of owning a collection which is stylish and appears amazing.

19. X-Plore app

This app enables you to view your android system file with a fresh new look since it contains lots of added features. You have it as a bonus to perform file operations such as paste, rename and also create folders. Browse SQlite database files, access Picasa files and go to window servers and PC to explore folders which are shared.

20. TVCatchup

This app requires reliable mobile data connection so as to broadcast terrestrial freeview channels live on your phone or tablet so you definitely watch everything. This is your time to have this simple broadcast and watch TV live as it happens just as the same time the program is supposed to air with no delays whatsoever.

21. Yelp

For social place reviews that are found on Google, you may choose Android app Yelp that works using the same mechanism. You will get a reality screen display that is augmented and once you point at the skyline you get to see the five star cafeterias at your local surrounding. The views are directly from users, so you are assured of generous reviews and updated opinions about the right place to take your chips.

22. JuiceDefender
Your Android phone may have a crappy battery life. With Juicedefender your battery life is conserved by disabling the fundamental draining components when your phone is idle, a good example is data connectivity. You may have the freelite version or buy the ultimate version which allows you to disable signals while customizing it.

23.Nova Launcher Android Prime

Google play lets you have launchers that will transform your stock phone homescreen interface customization. This app provides settings to play which are smooth and quicker than ever. Try the free version or get ultimate version for less.

24. Pocket Android app

This is an app that is pocket friendly. It was commonly referred to as Read It Later and now it is known as the pocket app. If you are on the web and come across music, videos and articles but because of your tight schedule you are unable to read them at the moment, you may decide to save them and read them later. Get wondrous baubles of the internet direct to your virtual pocket for free.

25. AppGarden Lite app

This app is a compatible container that is lightweight in nature and contains tons of utilities that are useful like the password generators, barcode scanners and also conversion charts. Therefore for quick access of your favorite utilities you may bookmark it. I do have my favorites which are: Dictionary, stopwatch and also QR scanners, and lastly calorie calculator.

26. Microsoft office

Documents to go has enabled Microsoft office app to be on Android. You have multiple formatting styles in Ms Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can read, write and edit all your documents using this Android app. Purchase this app to help you do some light writing, last minutes edits and proofing.

27. NewsRob

This is an atom app newsreader, when you have a Google reader account you can sync both ways. NewsRob includes offline caching and many other configurations unlike UI which uses Google Reader mechanisms. NewsReader features to be configured are like if you have unread items, it will determine how many unread items to display at once. When you compare Google reader and NewsRob you will find out that Newsreader has fast synchronization. The app can be uploaded for free.


28. Maxthon Internet Browser.

This is an app that is considered to be a crazy genius when viewed as a person. It is a HTML5 Chinese invention that consists of lots of configurations like Fetching, Day and Night mode and also advanced gesturing. Customize the app by renaming it the way you like and also modify its look. The app can also uploaded freely.

29. Snap Photo Android Pro

Android default cameras may be straight but there is room for improvements. Android app Snap Photo enables you to get photos with the device while using the timer mode, stability and also multi shot mode. The app is able to increase the shutter speed while adjusting contrast. It also brightens the images.

30. History Eraser Android Pro

If your phone contains junk information that you do not need and you want to do away with it, then you are likely to use this app to delete the junk information. You can walk through all sorts of data while using this app like text messaging, cached files and also history on the browser and wipe them with just one shot. This app is also uploaded free of charge.

31. BBC Android App

You may be a Radio fan but you may not be able to access the radio wherever you are. This app enables you to view all the news that you want at any time. This is an app that will definitely not disappoint you in any way as you are able to get all reports from videos, have live radio to your phone and also have offline reading. This app is also free.

32. Google Android Play Games

For couple of months now, Google and its counterparts have been working on game mechanisms. Therefore we now have unification of Android games backed up with Google methods of matching, monitoring and also play session tracking. This is an app that is simple and all the gamers do have one central point for their game collection services. The system also enables leaderboards and multiple systems of friends.

33. Path Android app

When you need an alternative means to social networking then path is designed to enable you share all you have with your friends.  The stuffs it does are simple and weird in nature, you will be able to track the number of hours you are awake, or the number of hours you were asleep. You may also share the music you like listening to. You may also broadcast every movement you like since the app is able to locate the place you are. You may also have difficulties to pull away from Facebook ,so you may also include path app

34. YouView Android app

This app contains listing of seven days programmes thus you have your remote control. It is an app that ensures Android users join iOS and enjoy their YouView boxes. A paired code enables its setup which has the ability to use up to four devices of more. Get this interactive digital TV system.

35. Pulse
The favorite news reader for many people is pulse. If you would like to aggregate all your favorite publications in one gorgeous interface you may consider this Android app. This app simplifies the way you share articles, offline synchronization, tweet and headline scanning. This app is available for free.

36. Wikipedia for Android app

Android officially launched this cheat sheet in January so you have the ability to search, share and clip from your phone. This is a free clean app compared to all third party clients with authentic Wikipedia skills available for Android gadgets.

37. IMDb Movies & TV

Do not worry if you cannot recall the name of the actor or show since IMDb is here to help out. This is definitely what you need whenever you do require reference in the whole world; it’s an app that never fails you. You will get all you require name it, a TV show, a film or even Hollywood. With the app you can purchase tickets directly from your phone for a local cinema. IMDb account lets you create a watchlist that you would like to see.

38. Twitter Android rides

This is an app that has managed to stand out from the rest since it is able to meet all individual needs at once. It is faster than the rest while offering standard major functions of Twitter. The color scheme may not be appealing although you will fall in love with its speed and stability. This is an app you would not like to miss out.

39. SpotyPal app

If you want to get into shape, this app that will make you a better runner and cyclist by experiencing its workout stats. The app has a share option that will enable you compare your stats with friends. View the distance you have covered, estimate your used up calories and also get to see your total time.

40. MailOnline app

There are official news apps that were launched recently on Android. They include Guardian, The times and also Channel 4 News. MailOnline is for country’s guiltiest pleasure. With the app you may synchronize pages with the main site at your own specified time, you are the controller when it comes to time management of faux scandals.

41. BaconReader for Reddit

Reddit, an official social news site is made more appealing with BaconReader, the only interface found on Android. The features that are available are subreddit grouping, uploading photos directly and lastly keyword filtering for free.

42. StumbleUpon
This is a free app that lets you have content with just a single tap. StumbleUpon is an app for people who open the browser and do not know what they want to search for. The version is accessible via the mobile with similar name. Therefore you have simplified task of following people and brands and also selecting 500 interests or more thus making your random content applicable and useful for free.

43. Lovefilm by Post Android app

You can now manage your account with the official app from Android Love Film. The reviews and trailers from the app may not be appealing but the main feature that you will fall in love with is the ability to manage your rental list directly from your phone, also shuffle and filter categories that do trouble you.

44. Google Translator

This is a free app you need to get since it can translate up to 64 languages while dictating them aloud. For quick translations, this app is stable. All you require is a constant 3G connection to be able to use it reliably.

45. WebMD App

This app is considered to be more of a diagnosis app that can be used while inputting symptoms that you may be having and find a clue of what you may be suffering from. There are also listings that are basically from healthcare experts and local pharmacists. You will get instructions that will aid you during emergencies, the first aid steps. Download the app to get free references at the click of a button.

Now you can download best android for Android and if you faced any type of problem then please do comment and let we find solution to it

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