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Antivirus for Android Phone Download – 10 best of 2013

Chose your Antivirus for Android Today! Android devices are very compatible with many apps, some web based and others installed on them, through which a lot of content from different online sources are consumed. By surfing the internet you put your device at risk of getting attacked by harmful viruses, spyware, Trojans and other harmful programs.

Unfortunately, viruses and malwares are not the only things to worry about as an owner of an android device. Others include the passivity of losing your device to the wrong people, which may have a double negative result for your device itself as well as the data that is in it. The reason why you should be worried about your personal data being in the wrong hands is the fact that it may be used to put both your privacy and security in danger.

Due to the above reasons, it is important to make necessary plans to safeguard your data. This is done in three fronts; backing up, putting harmful malwares at bay and having mitigation mechanism in case your device gets into the wrong hands.

To download antivirus for android is one of the most effective ways available to ensure that the content you consume cannot turn out to harm your device. In addition, that you are in control of your device at all times.

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The following is a list of best free antivirus for android products that are developed to take care of the scenarios and dangers enumerated above. They give more control over your android device.

AVG Mobile Antivirus for android

AVG Antivirus for android

This antivirus is available for download from the Google play store. The AVG Mobile Antivirus is developed with the android device in mind. It protects your device and data from harmful viruses and malware. In addition, it helps to save system resources like energy and memory from unnecessary tasks and applications.

This antivirus also functions as a security from physical theft of your device. It helps track your device on Google maps, sends you photos of anyone attempting to use it and can even block your stolen device when a different simcard is inserted.

Avast Antivirus for android

Avast-Mobile-Security-App android

Avast is as popular among android users as it is with desktop users. This antivirus for android is supported in many languages. Apart from protecting your device from viruses, spywares and malware, this antivirus also wipes out your data when the device is stolen. You can also lock two of your apps. The number of apps you can block will go up with the premium feature. You can also backup your data and get notification when there is attempt to change of simcard.

Like with the previous antivirus, Avast antivirus will send you pictures of the person who happens to steal your device and attempts to access the security feature. Download Avast Mobile Security

Creative Apps Antivirus

Download Antivirus Free

This antivirus for android is friendly to your battery as it gives your android device a comprehensive protection. it’s similarto Norton Antivirus for Android Phones. In addition, it also ensures that only apps that are safe to your system can be downloaded and installed on your android device.

The antivirus has a phone lock feature too, which comes in handy when you lose your android device to the wrong people. Apart from locking and deleting your data, the antivirus also helps in tracking your device through Google maps.Download Antivirus Free

Look out Security Antivirus

Look out Security Antivirus

This antivirus for android apart from performing the basic standard antivirus functions also protects your android device from viruses and other harmful programs. It also helps in blocking, wiping out and tracking lost phones.

This brand of antivirus might not be popular with desktop user but it has a place and name among android users.

Download the antivirus for android and protect your device.Download AntiVirus & Security | Lookout

Norton Security antivirus

Norton Android

 Norton is an old name in the field of antivirus, especially with desktops. Norton antivirus for android phone has as good antivirus for android devices product. The antivirus protects the phone from viruses, malwares and spywares as well as helping to lock the device in case they are stolen. You can also remotely access your device and wipeout your data. This antivirus has a feature for blocking calls and SMS from any number you do nt want to reach you. In addition the antivirus also blocks any websites that fit a criterion that you define.Download Norton Security antivirus

Zoner Antivirus

Zoner antivirus for android

This antivirus for android happens to be one of the best antiviruses around for android devices. It protects your device from all manner of harmful programs. It also protects you from dialers, spyware and adware. The antivirus is effective with its antitheft feature. It helps in tracking your device, in case you happen to lose it. You will receive notifications through email each time someone tries to change the sim card or breach login security. It also has a call and SMS blacklisting feature. You can keep away those calls you do not want t receive.Download Zoner AntiVirus Free

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Bitdefender Antivirus


This is an antivirus for android that will save your storage space, this is because you will not have to download and install it on your device. The antivirus will rather access your device from the cloud. The antivirus will intercept up to 99% of viruses targeted at your android devices. Download BitDefender Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite


Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite is an antivirus that will ensure your android device is safe as you surf the internet. It also has a phone tracking feature which will not only help you locate your lost device but also delete your data and block it to safeguard your privacy. The antivirus supports many languages.Download Kaspersky Mobile Security

Webroot Security and Antivirus

Webroot Security & Antivirus

This antivirus for android, that can be downloaded for free, has been recognized as one of the best available out there for android devices. This antivirus scans files and URL to protect your device from harmful content.

Yu can also block unwanted calls and SMS using the blacklist feature. You can download this antivirus for free from the Google play store.Download Webroot Security & Antivirus

Hornet Antivirus for android

Hornet AntiVirus Free

This is an antivirus that is available for free download from the Google play. It will protect your android device by scanning files, URL and contents for any harmful malwares

It also has anti theft features which include tracking, data wipeout and access denial. Download Hornet AntiVirus Free

The above are best antivirus for android phones but each passing day more there are being developed and this creates an even bigger pool to choose from.

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