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Top Best Android Apps of June 2014

Life is all good and especially when you learn about the vast growth of technological worldthus the moment you get to know about the best Android Apps of June 2014, you will be all smiles on your face. Everyone wants simplicity while carrying out any activity. This is even more common amongst Android users where you and I want easy navigation and usage of our phones. Android Apps thereby introduces you to various simple navigation Apps which are all new and have been updated. Read alsoTop Free Android Apps May 2014

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Top Best Android Apps of June 2014

You will have nothing to lose in learning about them as they are stipulated below:

1/ Hot or Not for Android

Hot or Not for Android

The older generation will associate the above application with and ugly and old website. However things have changed and the experience is a whole different feel with the application having been updated lately.  With the update on it, you will afford to turn your neck round and round looking at it.


  • You can easily chat within this Android App.
  • Being able to upload multi – pictures
  • You are able to tell the thinking of other people about your hotness.
  • Easy to log in through the Facebook.


  • The notification accuracy is not the best since it has been said to have issues.
  • Some people have indicated a feeling of a shallow experience
  • Images of naked people have been reported.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to upload images.

 Download Hot or Not for Android

2/ Ultimate G3 Launcher Theme.

This is the best month that you acquired the above app. It has this custom-designed icon pack and with its other elements, you will have a complete tide till you can lay your hands on the real thing.

Ultimate G3 Launcher Theme.


  • You will get a help section within it.
  • There are daily updates which mean you will frequently receive more content.
  • Missed icon requests will be sent automatically.
  • It has a categorized built – in icon search.
  • Custom designed stock icons are available.


  • Your craving for G3 may not be full filled.
  • It’s not always that the taste of your icons will be met.
  • The Android App is relatively new on Google play hence some bugs may go undiagnosed.
  • There is a bit of nervousness among technophobes when installing even with the use of the help guide.
  • If you are not an LG fan, the Launcher theme may not be so appealing to you.


 Download Ultimate G3 Launcher Theme.


3/Front: Cash Making Lockscreen.

This is the only App that will allow earn points once you complete certain tasks the likes of downloading a game or even reading an article. It puts you up to date with the latest news, entertainment as well as technology.

 Cash Making Lockscreen


  • You have an opportunity to earning free cash with this Android App.
  • The UI is so attractive.
  • Your screen becomes a newsfeed where you will be receiving news.
  • It works even on much older phones.
  • You will learn about new staff.


  • The topics are not so interesting.
  • Every task has varying points.
  • Repeats have been reported
  • At times the app has freezing incidences.

 Download Front: Cash Making Lockscreen.


People will use this Android App to share their personal secrets within their work and personal lives. This is one of the many apps that you should literally try out on. You can anonymously disclose your thoughts as you vent out.



  • The App is interesting.
  • The conversation avatars of the app are all unique
  • It is possible to customize moods and textures.
  • You can easily remain anonymous.


  • Some people may feel like the App is fake.
  • It is not protected by a password.
  • Poor language content has been noted.
  • Your Android device must be running on a 4.1and more.

 Download Secret App

5/IFTTT Android Apps

With this, your life is automated.



  • It works easily with other Medias like Gmail, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The Android App has a simple interface saving your time and efforts.
  • It’s useable for both personal and business needs.
  • Bugs have been reported
  • Your Android must be above 4.0
  • You will use so much space.
  • This Android App will require more brain work.

 Download IFTTT Android App

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