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Top Best iPhone Games of May 2014

Even with the month of May 2014 looking like its coming to an end in a few days’ time we are still passionate about telling you of the iPhone Games you may encounter and ones that will drive you wild if you attempt to download any.

The games always look fresh when you attempt to play them and here is a list of some of iPhone Games you will enjoy:

iPhone Games Online

Top Best iPhone Games of May 2014

1. Fart In A Spacesuit!

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It is a game set in outer space whereby you will be helping the French bull dog with his exploration of the galaxy. It gives you this relaxed feel as you play it.

  • Its graphics and funny and the effects will also put a smile on your face.
  • Whether you are an adult or a kid playing it, all is easy for you.
  • The game is made more competitive because of the use of Leaderboards
  • The playing feel remains fresh because of the availability of power ups. The feel is incorporated with its unique look.


  • It has gross humor which may not appeal to many
  • This is one of the iPhone Games with Ads that will irritate and possibly annoy you.
  • You will experience good scores but after some time it becomes annoying.

Download Fart In A Spacesuit!

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2. Shattered Planet

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This is one of the most addictive games which has more action – strategized and has been regarded as incredible. In deed it is because you will be required to solve a couple of mysteries along the way. Some of its features include randomized level design which will provoke you to keep playing it.



  • The weapons and animations are cool and of huge array.
  • You will encounter loads of monsters to destroy and items to collect
  • He dialogue is hilarious and the game is of wonderful replay value.
  • The characters are cool as well as the level designs.


  • Some players have complained that at times the game becomes buggy.
  • If you have an older version of IOS device, the game is likely not to work well.
  • Its gets steep

 Download Shattered Planet

3. Dwarven Den™ – The Mining Puzzle Game 

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This is a game that is played globally and with time, it has become one of the most addictive iPhone Games to many players.  It has positively been received in this month of May 2014. Being a puzzler’s game it is gaining tons and tons of popularity.


  • The puzzles within the game are addictive to anyone.
  • The graphics present something you will like
  • The levels are expansive
  • You will be required to watch out for tons of monsters


  • It is reported that there are still a number of bugs to deal with.
  • Some people may find the gameplay so simplistic.
  • Some players may feel like the daily events are gimmick.

Download Dwarven Den™ – The Mining Puzzle Game


4. KingHunt – The Next Generation Slicing Game

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Being featured as Apple’s App of the Week for the last few weeks has made the game skyrocket in its popularity. It is being played in over 50 countries and at this point it is one iPhone Games that is worth checking.


  • It is created by the same creator of Ice Rage, Bike Baron and Minigore.
  • It is a fun play game with 80 unlockable achievements. This alone gives the game a replay value/


  • It’s not always that the controls will register all slices.
  • Issues of bugs have been reported while other players have said that the gameplay is so simple to play.
  • Unlike other games that are detailed in terms of cutting animations, this is one is not.


 Download KingHunt – The Next Generation Slicing Game


[jwplayer mediaid=”1205″]

As Best iPhone Apps were being rated, this particular one was given a five star review.



  • The visuals and sounds are all stunning.
  • It has an all voice cast
  • The plot within it is exciting.


  • If you iPhone is in the older version, there are chances that you will experience some laggish
  • Some people may not be challenged by the one touch controls.
  • This is one the iPhone Games that has tricky puzzles.

Download Republique

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