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Today we are going to look at another important application which will help you call your friends and relatives using your computer or laptop known as TrueCaller for PC. Truecaller is usually used by android phone users widely across the world. Though it is a mobile phone app, you can now use it on your computer. Truecaller helps you get people’s phone numbers and save them. One of its features which is selling it in the market today is its huge database and it can thereby save a lot of contacts. It also allows you to receive calls and block unwanted calls. Though it is a free app, you may still need to pay for some of its features so as to enjoy using it to the maximum. Here is a simple guide on how to install Truecaller for PC.

This process needs Windows 7, 2000,XP and Vista plus internet connection. While you have Truecaller on your PC, you will be able to share files, videos and audios. Also you can have an audio talk with another person, have group conversation, instant texting and use one interface on several accounts viewing who is online without moving a cursor. Another good thing about this app is that you can be able to locate a missed call and get to know who the person was.


How to Download Truecaller for PC

As you understand, this software is not for computers and you need an emulator in order for you to use it on your PC. The best emulator in this case is a Bluestacks which is an android app which can operate on a computer. This can be done using two steps.

1.Step – Use Bluestacks

Visit their official website and download it, you will get an added folder on your desktop which is known as apps.

2.Step Use apk file

Go to Truecaller and download the apk which is an android file.

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How to Install Truecaller on PC

There are two methods of installing Truecaller on your computer depending on which one you choose.

Method 1:

Get to the Bluestacks and open it. Type in the search bar the product name which is Truecaller and click to download and install it in your PC. This process needs internet connection for downloading.

Method 2:

Open the apk file which you downloaded with Bluestacks, get Truecaller and install it.

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How to Run Truecaller on Your PC

Close the open windows you have opened and go to the start menu. Find a folder named apps and this is where Truecaller is. Once you open, it will run on your computer and be ready for use. You can start by first calling the default number to see whether it is working.

As you see, the process is very easy especially if you have ever downloaded any other android app on your computer. Nevertheless, you do not need to have it alone since you have friends all over. All you need to do is share this will them and let them see the advantage of having it and they will finally join you on Truecaller.

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