Viber for PC (Windows & MAC Computer) Download

Download Viber for PC and make Free calls all Day and Night

If you have installed Viber app on your computer, you will be able to communicate with the other person for free. Viber is one a must have app for your PC. It is compatible with Windows 8 and now Windows 7 too so there is no more upgrading for Windows while installing the app.

Viber for Pc is a cool app that everyone will certainly want to use. Many people who use Smartphone do used internet on their phones. Therefore you can get to make calls from PC without having any disturbance from your Smartphone by using Viber app. Download, install then enjoy free calls.

Find out what you need for Viber for Pc setup

  •       First thing is that you need backup software installed on your computer. Download it before installation process.
  •       Download Android emulator, Bluestacks latest version from the official website.
  •       Install Bluestacks. Go to bluestacks search for the keywords “Viber”. Then you will download it. If it does not work then all you need is to upgrade Viber Version.

Find out how to verify Viber for PC account

For you to run Viber for PC and then make free calls follow the steps below:

  •       Using Android emulator, Bluestacks download and install Viber for PC.
  •       You will have to enter your phone number to be able to make  confirmations
  •       From your mobile number, you will receive a code via an SMS
  •       To activate Viber for PC, use the code on the SMS and that is it. So you are ready to start. Anyone who calls dials your number with Viber, you will receive the call from your PC for free.

Find out how you install Viber for Windows

viber pc

I did install Viber for Windows which has the following configurations:

  • Duo core
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 500GB HDD
  • 4GB Ram
  • Windows 8

When you are using Macbook Pro the setup can be have hitches due to the graphic card. Even when using Ram or ATI graphic card the support will be good. There are errors that are prone to take place once you are installing with Bluestacks but when you go directly to the folder and download it, it will be simpler and will work better.

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You will have to uninstall Viber the install it again when you find that you are working with Viber and then it crashes. This majorly happens when you start it for the very first  time with Bluestacks. Leave your comments below if you find that you have persistent problems while using Viber for PC and we will help you.

I have just showed you how to download Viber for PC and thus I will take you through  Viber for Mac tutorial. You will learn how to download and install Viber for Mac from the starting point. For downloading Viber for Mac the platform does not change, you will have to use the Android emulator just as for Windows. The operating systems are different but Viber does not require anything new for you to use it on Mac.

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Find out how to install Viber for Mac

Viber MAC

The steps below will guide you how to download and install Viber for Mac. They are simpler and easier to follow. Downloading Viber for Mac is actually easier than downloading Viber for PC. Go step by step and you will successfully install Viber on your Mac.

      The first step and the very important step is to download My PC backup software to enable Viber for Mac installation run smoothly. To save yourself from frustrations and many hours for debugging you have to start with this step. The prerequisite is important because I have found out that many users go ahead and jump this process only to realize that Viber for Mac cannot work properly.

  •       The second step is to download Bluestacks app for Mac operating systems from the internet. This is after you have also downloaded My PC Backup Software.
  •       Bluestacks icon will appear on Your PC as Android app; installing it may take some time therefore give the process the time.
  •       Inside the folder, type Twitter app and click it. The app player will start to load. You will also need to sign up for new Twitter account.
  •       You will view two links on the sign up screen. To open Android emulator you will have to click any of them.
  •       Then type  here and as you move toward the bottom of the page you will view the link for downloading Viber for Mac. To download click the link on Bluetacks.
  •       Double click Viber app for it to start the installation process. Then provide your phone number and then you will receive a code just the same as using Windows. After you enter the code the setup begins. Then you will get calls for free using Viber for Mac.

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