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What is dwm.exe Process? Error or Virus? Remove it from Windows

The question on what is dwm.exe has been very round all over from Microsoft windows users. The biggest question which comes is what is it? Well people do not understand the dwm letters and their meaning. This means Desktop Windows Manager. This helps in managing all the graphics things mostly 3D, live windows preview and aero interface which are found on your desktop and that is why it is called a process.Without dwm.exe you will not be able to view images and things as supposed to and that is its importance.

When this message is displayed on your home screen the first thing that hits your head is, my computer has a virus. Does it really?

What is dwm.exe Process

Many people take it so serious to an extent of contacting an IT expert to ask what it is. It shows that someone cares about their machine. The fact is that this is not a virus nor a malware as many think and that is why you should not worry too much. What it does is affect the performance of your computer in that it becomes slow. What brings it into attention is when you open your computer and find it showing with a message that it is unable to launch. If this happens, follow the below list steps to deal with wdm.exe process in the right way.

How to fix dwm.exe error from Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8

  • First for all, you need to check if you have spyware or adware. This is because they usually change the name of a file and locate it somewhere else. In this case, you need to locate files with a specific name since they might not be where you had put them.
  • Go to the task manage which you can access by pressing ctrl, alt and delete
  • Once you are there check on a tab named processes and click to open it
  • This is where you will be able to see all programs that are running on your computer. (Here you cannot be able to see dll files because they are processes and not programs. So do  not confuse processes and program)
  • On the task manage you will be able to see many files, check on the dwm.exe and as we said it can be renamed or given a misspelled name. Note that spyware and adware may be named the same with a file in the system.
  • Once you detect dwm.exe err, find its location and remove it.

Fix or Remove dwm.exe process

Causes of dwm.exe error

There are various causes of dwm.exe error and one of them is badly installed programs. If you happen to add a program from whatever source and install it badly then you are likely to face this error on your PC. Apart from installing, the uninstalling can cause it and that is why you should be careful while doing either of the two. Another cause is drivers, if your PC drivers are not up-to-date then this problem will occur.  In case you notice this, you can check on the name of your computer and other details so as to locate drivers online and update them. If your windows registry is corrupt this issue will definitely appear. The fourth cause is undetected malware or viruses. If you happen to encounter dwm.exe error it is wise to first check whether your programs are working normally and your antivirus is a live and active.

Where does wdm.exe come from?

One thing you must have notice is that wdm.exe is not a devil on your computer. It has a good purpose of being there and that is to help you view graphics as they are supposed to be seen. It actually comes with your computer but what happens is if a virus, spyware, malware gets on your computer it can affect it.  Note that when a virus comes it locates itself on the system and this is what affects the performance of your computer. Another thing is that you must understand the amount of information which can fit on your home screen. If for instance you keep on saving volumes of files, software and folders on your desktop it will slow the performance. So always check your memory usage.

Now you know how to remove dwm.exe process from your PC. As you see, it is not a hard process to undertake and it doesn’t take much of your time. All you need to do is know your computer and how to maintain it and the rest will be easy. One important thing which you should not ignore is the strength of your antivirus since it fights and protects your PC. Friend, save a friend who may be undergoing this whole process of dealing with dwm.exe error today by sharing this information with them.

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