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What is Rooting and Unrooting in a Android Mobile

You may have come across this word ‘rooting’ in blogs, websites or you heard people talking about it. At times you may wonder where on earth farming like word appeared in technical things. It can happen. We have definitely been using these famous devices of android and maybe you have understand that despite the launching of volumes of apps by many companies there are some which you cannot access. This is where rooting comes in especially if you really want to have these apps installed in your device. Rooting is not only done on android phones but also on tablets.

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What is rooting?

This is a simple process by which you tamper with your android device operating system so as to get full administrative command and all its functions. What this means is that all the operations which could not be done without the administrator’s permission can be done by you since after rooting you become the super user. Some people would call it hacking android phone and in iDevices it is called jail breaking.

Why is rooting important?

Android phone producers limit the user from accessing some things either from outside the country or maybe the software is not allowed to be used in a certain part of this globe. The limiting may as well be done if the provider has some featured software which is to be launched some time later. So as to access all these and others, you need to root your android device. With this, you will be able to get a lot of privileges such as customizing your device as per your taste of things. This means if the themes which were there didn’t please you there is a chance for you to install custom ones, there are other chances such as increasing the speed and performance of your android phone, you can as well install custom ROM(s), install other software of your choice such as games, apps both supported and unsupported, increase the life length of your battery, help you back up your important software and information among others.

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Is rooting legalized?

This may seem to be a violation of a certain law but in some countries such as Australia it is allowed if only the user want to use the legal apps otherwise it will not be unacceptable. In Europe it is legal and you can actually get the warrant even when your android phone is rooted if at all you can prove that the damage was not caused by rooting. In US it is officially legal to root android phone and actually use the unauthorized third party apps.

Disadvantages of rooting android phone

One great loss that you may get on your device is rooting it and causing damage most especially when it is new or rather when you had not budgeted to buy another one any time soon. This is because the provider will not accept to take it back. So it is important if you do not know how to root you should get a professional technician to help you root it. Rooting also interferes with your phone security in a way that you cannot tell whether the app you have downloaded is secure or not. That is why it is important to install antivirus and security application before you start installing other software.

What is unrooting?

The greatest question which many people pause and throw on android phone’s website dealers every day is here and we are going to answer you. After talking about rooting then unrooting would be the reverse process or rooting. In this process you will have to remove the root. When rooting there are files which enters into your android phone and they give you full access as the super user and when unrooting these are the files which are removed and the original android phone operating system is reinstalled back. There is software which is used in this process known as universal unroot and it is available on Google play store here.

Why unroot your android phone?

People will often give you thousands of reasons why they would unroot their devices. Some would say that they no longer need the full access or their expectation was higher than they got. Others may go around reading different articles and understand that rooting can cause damage to their phone and due to the fear of losing their beloved android phone they rather choose to unroot as quickly as possible and with a lot of care.  Others may have noticed that they are spending a lot of time playing games and enjoying the availability of the apps and would like to stop while others will unroot to attain warranty.

Caution when rooting and unrooting your android phone

Having bought your device and losing it may cause you pain and your efforts will have been buried. During the two processes, you first need to know the type of your android phone. This is because the process may differ depending on which type of android you are using. So the first step while you are searching for rooting information is to know the type. After that consider a site which is credible so as to get the right process which will not cause harm to your phone. Thirdly make sure you understand the process or otherwise take the device to a technician who will help you sort out the issue. Always ensure that your phone is secure by installing antivirus and other security software so as to protect your phone from damages.  And finally know whether it is legal in your state and which apps are allowed in your state.

By now you must have understood the meaning and importance of rooting and unrooting android phones but it is always good to take caution before going on with any process. There are many sources where you can get this information and a lot of research is needed so as to get the fine product of what you want. Always remember to share such information like this of rooting android phone with your friends.

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