why whatsapp for pc

Why Whatsapp for PC ?

Whatsapp for PC may not sound like a necessary tool, especially if you already have and use it on your mobile phone. But there are several reasons why you will find this mobile instant messaging app necessary and appropriate to run on your PC.

By mid 2013, the app messenger had 350 million active users per month who shared about 85 billion messages and 350 million photos daily. This makes Whatsapp a huge platform that cannot be taken for granted. Therefore, any tool that will be used to maximize its services should be welcome.

Although it was developed only for mobile phones, with the help of android app players like Bluestacks and Youwave, you can now install and run the app successfully on your PC.

Need to have all your communications on one device

The need for you to have all your communication functions on one device is one of the reasons why you will find it necessary to have the mobile app on your PC.

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While working on your desktop, you may want to occasionally find out what your friends, family and colleagues are sharing with you on your Whatsapp messenger. You may be finding taking your attention from your desktop to your Smartphone to be disruptive. Whatsapp on your PC will be a handy tool to solve this problem. With this tool, you are able to access your Whatsapp window by a click of the mouse, just like you will do with Skype or Google talk.

Why Whatsapp for PC

You are not the owner of a Smartphone

Another reason why you will need a Whatsapp on your PC is to enjoy the service of this mobile app even when you are not the owner of a Smartphone. Owning a Smartphone may not be a priority nor important for you, but this may not mean that getting the services of a Smartphone is not important and necessary to you. Now with an android app player your PC can give you most of the functionalities of a Smartphone and Whatsapp happens to be one of them.

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Release your phone memory and reduce your phone’s data need

With many apps for mobile being developed each day, it is possible to have your phone overwhelmed by the number of apps installed and running. These apps not only take memory space on your mobile device, but also contribute to huge consumption of data.

This is another reason why you my consider having Whatsapp installed and running from your PC. This way, you will clear part of your phone memory for other use. You will also cut down on your phones data needs but still go ahead to enjoy all the cool services and features of Whatsapp on your PC, at no extra cost.

The above may be some of the reasons why you will find it necessary to install and run Whatsapp on your PC, but remember that even when you have no compelling reason to have the app, it will cost you little to install Whatsapp messenger on your computer, so go ahead and try it out

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