Why You Should Root Your Android Smartphone

Why You Should Root Your Android Smartphone

Do you have any knowledge on how to root your android Smartphone? Maybe no, but we are here to help you know how to today. Most Smartphone comes with an operating system with locked or disabled features. In most cases these features are disabled to help you preserve your phone’s operating system while others are meant for future use. Nevertheless, you can be able to use these features even when they are not allowed by the provider. This is by rooting your phone. Rooting is removing all the locks that are hindering you to use some of these hidden features and being able to use them.

Take for example Nokia N9 which do not have WhatsApp messenger and you would like to use it though there is Wazapp which is used in the same way. In such a case you can unroot it and have this amazing app installed among others. The best thing is that the process is not too difficult for anyone especially those who are used to handling operating system. However, you can do it alone by visiting tutorial articles which will guide you on how to go about rooting process.

Root your SmartPhone to download more apps

Root your SmartPhone to download more apps

There are some features which are hidden to some countries and maybe you would like to see them and make good use of them. In this case rooting is needed. The most amazing thing is that you can actually customize your ROMs and cause your android device to use gestures by downloading GMD Gesture Control, change how features looks like among many more.

If you are among people who love some kind of apps and you are wondering how just root your SmartPhone. All you need to know is that android phones have a very customizable operating system which is very friendly. If you happen to root your phone you can be able to enjoy a lot of new apps and features. One these features include setting your play station controller on your phone a factor that will you enjoy while playing.

Speed and battery life bothers many people a lot and maybe you are among them. The solution still remains root your android Smartphone. After this you can be able to install kernels which make OS to communicate with the hardware thereby causing perfect speed and low power consumption. There are many apps and goodies which you can enjoy by rooting your phone since there will be no limits. You can make any changes which you want and enjoy large memory.

Root your SmartPhone to save money

Root your SmartPhone to save money

Maybe you have been receiving a lot of ads which is a way of making money and they can be using your data. The easiest way of dealing with this is by rooting. At times the ads maybe too many while others are big and they carry up most of your space and if you don’t want this anymore there is an option which is rooting.

The rate of Wi-Fi for a month is yet another cost that comes unto our lives immediately we buy a Smartphone since we have to make good of every feature offered there. Many times the charges are at least $ 10 per month. If you happen to root your android phone and download Wireless Teher you will be able to create your own mobile and encrypt Wi-Fi network.

Root your SmartPhone and backup your apps by installing titanium backup

and backup your apps by installing titanium backup

If you are in search of a way on how you can backup your information and apps on your android device then there is no better way than to root it and install titanium backup which will not only stores your apps but information too. This means if you want to clear all that is in your phone and still use them again there are no worries. You may as well have important chats and contacts which you do not want to loss at any given chance and this option could be the best.

Can I unroot my phone later?

 Maybe this is one of your worries and you are thinking what would happen if you root your phone and you no longer want to use those apps again or rather you want to sell your phone. Well, this is yet another step but first to answer you, yes you can unroot your phone. You can find the process of unrooting here on our website. Also when you want to return your device so as to get another one due to some problems this unrooting is very important since no company can compensate you. This is because you tampered with the device and changed it and so you will purchased another one.

Caution before you root your SmartPhone

However, this might be risking to your phone and you might end up purchasing another one after a short while.  You must understand that the more you download apps and other things from the internet the more you increase chances of your device being attacked by viruses. Another thing is that the performance of your Android Smartphone may go down due to volumes of features and apps.

Do not forget after rooting your phone and it stop working as it is suppose to you cannot approach the seller since it will not be accepted back.

Putting in mind that all viruses, Trojans, malware and spyware comes from the internet, you must ensure that your Smartphone is secure. This is by installing the best antivirus that will deal effectively with the above mentioned items. Many people think that because they are downloading an app from the official site or Google play store there are no viruses but this is not the case. Just like how you cannot use your personal computer without protection the same applies to phones.

There are various types of antivirus which are available in the market today and some of them are free and effective. This gives you no reason of not having an antivirus on your rooted Smartphone. Now you know why you need to root your Smartphone and all the benefits and risks it comes with.

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